Hockey player Abhishek's house celebration

Mother said - will give a warm welcome to the whole team; son worked hard to play in the team

Aug 8, 2022 - 21:46
Hockey player Abhishek's house celebration
Parents and brother watching son Abhishek hockey match on TV.

After getting the silver medal in hockey in the Commonwealth Games, the house of hockey player Abhishek was celebrated in Sonipat, Haryana. The whole family gathered in front of the TV to watch the match between India and Australia. Abhishek's mother Surti Devi said that she is sorry for not getting the gold, but the team is bringing silver. A warm welcome to the whole team. It was his son's dream to be a part of Team India. This was his first Commonwealth match. Abhishek is dedicated to hockey and started working hard at a young age. Brother Ashish told that he had talked to Abhishek, including him that 4-5 players on the team had injuries in their feet, due to which they could not play properly.
On Monday evening, father Satyanarayan, mother Surti Devi and brother Ashish, along with father Satyanarayan, mother Surti Devi and brother Ashish, also came to watch the India-Australia match at Abhishek's house in Sonipat city. Although the family was disappointed by India's loss in the final, the team is returning with a silver medal, on which the family members expressed satisfaction and distributed sweets. The mother said that her son is a part of Team India and that is why she would warmly welcome the entire team back to the country.
Abhishek's mother told that her son is dedicated to hockey since childhood. He worked very hard to get into Team India. However, the family used to stop him from playing, because he was always afraid that he might come home after getting hurt. Abhishek's father Satyanarayana is retired from the army. He says that now he regrets why they were not in favour of him playing. However, after seeing Abhishek's passion for hockey, he started cooperating. Now that he is on top in hockey, he is happy that his son is making the name of the country and the state and the family proud.
Abhishek's brother Ashish said that the brother used to dream all the time that when he would finally be a part of Indian hockey. His goal has been to win medals for the country. Never miss practice. The whole family was sleeping, but he used to go to the ground to practice at 4 in the morning under any circumstances. Abhishek has worked very hard.
Let us tell you that Abhishek has been selected for India's hockey team in January 2022 only. This was his first Commonwealth match. According to family members, he had suffered a leg injury, due to which he could not play properly. Hockey coach Sandeep Sangwan said that Abhishek has a bright future in hockey. He works hard for every match. Because of this, he is a part of Team India. After Haryana won the silver medal in the National Junior Hockey Competition, Abhishek's performance in Khelo India also impressed everyone.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer