Features of YouTube Shorts will be of great use, Tiktok will get direct competition, know why it is special

Youtube constantly strives to provide a better experience to its users. Its short video has introduced new creators tools for its creators. With the help of these tools, you can easily create better videos. In this, users get many features like the Collab feature and Remix. This feature will be available to iOS users first.

Aug 2, 2023 - 11:10
Features of YouTube Shorts will be of great use, Tiktok will get direct competition, know why it is special

YouTube has released several creation tools for shorts, which give users the ability to remix most videos and add voiceovers. Short was launched in an attempt to rival Tiktok.
Now, the video-hosting platform is in the process of improving its suite of creation tools even more. The first feature is Collab, which lets users record short-form videos in split-screen format, along with other shorts or regular clips.
All users need to do to create a collab video from the right shorts or YouTube content is to hit Remix and then choose the new format. TikTok has long had the split-screen effect, which lets people split the screen into multiple frames.
YouTube's Collab is now live and will continue to reach out to users in the coming weeks to challenge its version of TikTok. iOS users are getting the format first, but Android users will have to follow it.
The platform is also adding a tool that lets users create and remix existing shorts instantly. All they need to do is tap on the remix button and select 'use sound' in the shorts player to automatically bring up the audio and effects used in the clip they just watched. After this, users can apply both count and effect to their posts.
In addition, YouTube will begin testing a new recomposition tool in the coming weeks designed to simplify turning horizontal videos into vertical shorts. The tool will give creators a way to select a video to remix and adjust the layout, zoom, and crop of the segments they want to use, giving them an easy way to re-share old footage in a new format will get. They can also choose to use the new split screen effect for the video they're recreating.
In addition to these new creator tools, YouTube is also testing a new mobile-first vertical Live experience for audiences. Viewers will be able to see previews of vertical live video in the Shorts feed with this new experience, and if they tap to expand, they'll get a scrollable feed of more live video.
YouTube is hoping this can increase discoverability for creators. He says that this is a great opportunity to earn money for those who have recently joined his partner program. The new mobile-first experience will reach a wider audience in the coming months.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer