Dhruv Malik Lights Up the Dance Floor with Latest Release 'Midnight'

Apr 10, 2023 - 22:30

Dhruv Malik, a 21-year-old emerging star of the Indian music industry, has released his latest single "Midnight" that is sure to get everyone grooving. The energetic lounge track features Dhruv's smooth vocals and infectious charm. The video for the song is shot stylishly, making it a visual treat for the audience. The catchy hook line and the compelling beat of the song will make it a definitive addition to your Punjabi playlist.

Dhruv is a young singer who has made a name for himself in the buzzing music industry. He appeared as a finalist in SplitsvillaX3 in 2022 on MTV and has been gaining popularity ever since. A fan of urban desi, drill music among others, Dhruv likes to experiment with his own music. He occasionally composes his songs and is a regular performer at concerts and live shows across India.

Commenting on his latest release, Dhruv says, "I have been humming the song under my breath for a while now and waiting to introduce the song to the world. Now that it is finally out, I'm excited and looking forward to the response from the audience." With "Midnight," Dhruv showcases his talent and versatility as a singer and musician. The song is a testament to his ability to create catchy tunes and lively beats that are sure to become fan favorites.

The music video for "Midnight" features the right mix of glitz and glamour, making it visually appealing. Dhruv's smooth vocals complement the energetic and groovy track, creating an infectious vibe. The song's compelling beat is sure to get everyone on the dance floor and make it a popular addition to any Punjabi playlist.

"Midnight" is now available for streaming on all major platforms. Dhruv Malik's official social media pages provide more information about the song and his music. With his latest release, Dhruv is set to cement his place in the Indian music industry as a rising star.

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