Deepender Hooda said - the Center should tell if Lalit Modi is its agent

Deepender Hooda said - the Center should tell if Lalit Modi is its agent: Said - Why is the fugitive sitting abroad speaking in favour of the central government?

Mar 31, 2023 - 21:54
Deepender Hooda said - the Center should tell if Lalit Modi is its agent

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda has targeted the BJP over IPL Lalit Modi's statement before filing a court case against Rahul Gandhi in London. Dipendra Hooda said- Lalit Modi is accused of running away from the country with crores. If a fugitive sitting abroad is speaking in favour of the BJP and the central government, then what is the secret? The central government should tell whether Lalit Modi is his agent who is speaking in his favour like this. Why Interpol's red corner notice against fugitive Mehul Choksi was withdrawn. Dipendra Hooda was talking to the media at the state Congress headquarters on Friday.
Hooda said- When Lalit Modi was running away from the country, all the agencies of the country were following him, so were these agencies wrong? Yes, there was a saying that thieves made a noise that an accused person against whom the country's investigative agencies have filed cases of corruption, will the words of such a person also be heard in the country now?
Hooda said- Lalit Modi has a serious allegation of running away with goods worth crores of the country. The country's investigative agencies have even declared him a fugitive. Regarding Lalit Modi, the government of the country used to say that they would bring him back, that government should now answer that Lalit Modi is sitting abroad and giving statements in such a way as if he is an agent of the government. The government should make it clear Why is speaking as its agent? The government of the country filed a case against Lalit Modi and Lalit Modi has been speaking against Rahul Gandhi, not speaking against the government of the country. In such a situation, if an accused goes outside the country and gives a statement in favour of the government which has filed cases against him, then what is the indication, the government should clarify on this.
Hooda said- The entire opposition of the country is united on the issue of Rahul Gandhi because he has raised the voice of truth. The voice of truth cannot be suppressed. The way Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from the Lok Sabha overnight, we did not know that such a bullet train was running between Delhi and Surat. Our voice cannot be suppressed because now the entire opposition is united on this issue.
Hooda said- Can't the opposition demand JPC in the interest of the country? Rahul Gandhi is raising the voice of truth. We will continue to raise the matter of the country's interest because we are fighting for the truth and national interest and will continue to fight.
On the question of factionalism in the Rajasthan Congress, Deepender Hooda said – the Congress party is completely united in Rajasthan, and BJP should worry about itself. When the state president of the BJP assumed his office, the way the big leaders kept their distance from him, it is clear that there is factionalism in BJP.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer