China-US war may happen in 2025

China-US war may happen in 2025: US Air Force General expressed apprehension, said- elections to be held in 2024 can provoke China

Jan 29, 2023 - 13:57
China-US war may happen in 2025

America's 4-Star Air Force General Mike Minihan has expressed apprehension that there could be a war between America and China in the next 2 years. In a memo written to his department on February 1, the general said this.
While his views do not reflect the Pentagon's intentions, China's continued attempts to annex Taiwan and the US military's stance on it are a matter of concern.
Minihan said- I think we will fight a war with China in 2025. I want this apprehension to be proved wrong, but both the US and Taiwan will hold presidential elections in 2024. Due to this, military action can be taken from China.
Speaking on Minihan's memo, a US defence official said that these remarks do not reflect America's thinking or views on China.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said earlier this month that China's intentions are clearly visible from its increasing military activities on the Taiwan Strait. Along with this, China has also increased diplomatic, military and economic pressure on Taiwan in the last few years. According to the government of Taiwan, they want peace, but they will definitely protect themselves if attacked.
Sensing China's intrusion and preparations for war, Taiwan has stepped up its preparations. For this, Taiwan is going to include women in the reserve force and give them military training like men. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said it will train 220 female soldiers in the second quarter of this year.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer