'Brooooo Dhoni from 2040 is Watching this Match': Viral Video Leaves Fans in Awe

May 9, 2023 - 17:54
'Brooooo Dhoni from 2040 is Watching this Match': Viral Video Leaves Fans in Awe
'Brooooo Dhoni from 2040 is Watching this Match': Viral Video Leaves Fans in Awe

MS Dhoni has been a stalwart of Indian cricket and continues to be one of the most loved cricketers in the country, even after retiring from international cricket. His fans were recently in for a shock when a video of an old man, who resembled Dhoni, went viral on social media. The video showed the old man watching a match between Chennai Super Kings and Punjab Kings in IPL 2023, leading to speculation that time travel could be real.

The Instagram user who shared the video captioned it, "Brooooo Dhoni from 2040 is watching this match." This led to a flurry of comments on the video, with many expressing their shock and amazement. "Time travel is possible," read one of the comments, while another user wrote, "Out of all jokes what if this is actually real... guess we have to wait for 2040."

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While the video sparked a lot of interest, what fans really wanted to know was if this was indeed Dhoni's last season in the IPL. His former India and CSK teammate Suresh Raina recently revealed what the 'Thala' told him about his retirement plans. According to Raina, Dhoni said, "Main trophy jeetke ek saal aur khelunga (After winning the trophy, I will play for one more year)."

Dhoni has been the captain of Chennai Super Kings since the inception of the IPL and has won three titles with the team. His leadership skills, along with his exceptional wicket-keeping and power-hitting abilities, have made him one of the most successful captains in the history of the tournament.

While the video of 'MS Dhoni from 2040' may be a hoax or a lookalike, it has certainly got fans talking about the possibility of time travel. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, who knows what the future holds? Until then, fans can continue to enjoy watching Dhoni play and hope that he continues to grace the cricketing field for many years to come.

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