Air Force Chief said- Challenges ranging from terrorism to cyber attack would need modernization of armed forces

IAF: The Air Force Chief said that modern warfare requires rapid technological advancement, asymmetric threats, and a comprehensive understanding of geopolitical, social, and cultural contexts. His remarks came against the backdrop of emerging geopolitics with ongoing wars in some parts of the world.

Jun 25, 2024 - 20:39
Air Force Chief said- Challenges ranging from terrorism to cyber attack would need modernization of armed forces

Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary, while referring to the present security scenario being multi-dimensional, said that border disputes and terrorism-related issues are there, along with cyber threats and regional instability on one side. As per him, India is required to invest in modernizing its armed forces to get out of this troublesome time. He said that contemporary warfare would need rapid technological advancements, asymmetric threats, and a sound understanding of geopolitical, social, and cultural contexts while addressing a seminar. His comments were against the backdrop of emergent geopolitics, where wars continue to rage in parts of the world. The Indian Air Force, College of Air Warfare, and Centre for Air Power Studies organized this seminar. He said that this program has enabled them to define what a scholar warrior truly is.

According to the Air Chief Marshal, such a multi-dimensional scenario necessitates military personnel not only adept at war but also understand the profound implications of their actions. I, therefore, retain my view that a scholar warrior, taking into account the security environment in the contemporary world, should be a military professional who is capable of integrating intellectual skills with combat skills.

He even quoted the words of ancient Greek historian Thucydides to drive home the point. Thucydides said that a society that separates its scholars from its warriors would think like cowards and fight like fools. He added that historical experiences and contemporary dynamics of geopolitics shape India's strategic culture. He said that the current security scenario comprises challenges that are multidimensional in nature—border disputes, terrorism, cyber threats, and regional instability. For India to sail through these turbulent times in securing its national interest, it needs to modernize its armed forces through investment, strengthen strategic partnerships, give a fillip to indigenous defense production, and adopt an integrated approach toward both internal and external security.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer