After the ceiling collapsed at the Delhi airport, the Civil Aviation Minister reviewed its procedures

Jul 1, 2024 - 11:38
After the ceiling collapsed at the Delhi airport, the Civil Aviation Minister reviewed its procedures

Civil Aviation Minister Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu stated that war rooms have been established to promote close cooperation between Delhi airport officials and airlines following the shutdown of Terminal 1 due to a ceiling collapse.

Following the deadly roof collapse at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), Civil Aviation Minister Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu visited the Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC) to assess the current situation and passenger handling after all departing flights were shifted to Terminals 2 (T2) and 3 (T3).

Naidu had a meeting with  senior officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation , the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security , Delhi International Airport Limited , and airline executives. The discussions centered on maintaining seamless operations and a positive passenger experience during this changeover period.

"The DGCA confirmed the activation of war rooms, facilitating close coordination between DIAL and the airlines," Naidu said in a message to X.

This will guarantee prompt communication and handle any issues that may arise as a result of increasing passenger volume at Terminals 2 and 3.

During the discussion, the Union Minister emphasized the necessity of upholding the highest safety standards for passengers. Naidu asked all stakeholders to emphasize passenger well-being and collaborate to ensure a seamless travel experience.

The event killed a taxi driver and injured numerous others.

Delhi Police have filed a FIR (First Information Report) under laws relating to death by carelessness. Investigations are currently underway to ascertain the actual reason of the collapse.

T1 remains blocked as officials remove debris and conduct a complete structural examination. All departing planes are presently flying from Terminals 2 and 3.

To avert such tragedies, Naidu announced the formation of a special team from IIT Delhi's structural engineering department to conduct an initial examination. He also directed airlines to guarantee that there is no undue increase in airfare.

"We do not want a similar situation to occur again, thus we have requested inspection reports from all airports in the nation within 2-5 days. "Based on these reports, we will take the necessary steps to prevent similar incidents," he previously stated.