Title Of The Book : Half A Century

During her sojourn, in the Mumbai city, she meets with Shikha, Chitra and Mahima and four of them become friends.

Title Of The Book : Half A Century
Title Of The Book : Half A Century

Kalyani, a docile daughter-turned-wife, is married off by her parents before her twentieth birthday to a Tamil Brahmin boy. She adjusts to her new life with her husband Venkatesh, who is a well-educated and well-settled man but is unable to become a loving partner to his wife. His life revolves more around his work than his wife and two daughters – Nitya and Sharanya.

Even though Kalyani is unhappy in her marriage, she is a doting mother to her two daughters. She has decided to raise them as fiercely independent women. When Nitya starts working for a multi-national company in Mumbai, Kalyani starts frequenting the city and some of her visits stretch over weeks and months.

During her sojourn, in the Mumbai city, she meets with Shikha, Chitra and Mahima and four of them become friends.

The four come together as they are regular customers at a quaint café, in a local mall. They were all born in the same year – 1970. They are in their late 40s and even though they come from diverse backgrounds, the friendship strikes.

Shikha, who hails from the small town of Jaipur, moved to Bombay after her marriage to Vivek. The marriage was arranged by her family after they found out about her love affair with a classmate from a different caste.

Shikha and Vivek are a happily married couple to the world with their only son Twesh. But Vivek is yet to get over his unrequited love for Vandana, his classmate from college.

After spending decades in a loveless marriage with Vivek, Shikha gets the shock of her life when she finds out about her husband’s extra marital affair, during the torturous lockdown.

Chitra is a happy-go-lucky girl from Pune and is the pampered child of the family. She gets married to Pankaj, who is well settled in Mumbai with a decent job. Pankaj is a tall and handsome boy who falls in love with the chubby Chitra during their first meeting at a coffee shop.

Their love blossoms in the first few months of marriage and is put to test when after several years of trying Chitra is unable to conceive. A couple of attempts at IVF also fail and before she could slip into depression, Chitra is brought back to being her chirpy self by Pankaj, who loves her unconditionally.

Raised in a progressive household, Mahima is a fiercely independent and career-driven woman. She chooses the unusual profession of
cinematography and decides to give it her all to make a career out of it. During her studies at the prestigious FTII she meets Kabeer and they fall in love.

The couple’s penchant for travel and adventure costs Kabeer his life. Mahima loses him in an unfortunate road accident.

Mahima is introduced to the world of online dating by her nephew Shivansh. Will she find love again?

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