Ola's S1x Electric Scooter drops in price; Know the new price of which scooter

Ola Electric offers many options for scooters in the Indian market. The company has made the entire range of its cheapest electric scooter S1x even cheaper. At what price can Ola's S1x Electric Scooter be purchased now? Also, when will its delivery start? Let us know.

Apr 15, 2024 - 15:43
Ola's S1x Electric Scooter drops in price; Know the new price of which scooter

A big event was organized by the country's leading electric scooter manufacturer Ola Electric on April 15. In which the company has further reduced the price of its cheapest Electric Scooter. In this news, we are telling you which scooter can now be purchased from the company at what price.

Ola Electric has lowered the cost of the S1x scooter. The S1x scooter range now costs between Rs 10,000 and Rs 4,000 less than before, according to the company. The company has also provided information about the updated costs of other scooters.

The Ola Electric scooter S1x is now available for purchase for Rs 70,000 after being reduced in price. This scooter's 2 kWh version is available for this amount. Its 4 kWh variant is priced at Rs 99 thousand, while the price of its 3 kWh variant is set at Rs 85 thousand. Previously, the company was charging Rs 89999 for the 3 kWh variant.

Ola has given information about the prices of all its electric scooters during an event held on 15 April 2024. According to the company, now S1 Pro can be purchased for Rs 1.30 lakh, S1 Air for Rs 1.05 lakh and S1x+ for Rs 85 thousand.

The company has informed that all their scooters can be booked through online mode as well as by visiting the nearest showroom. Along with this, information about the features and price of the scooter can also be obtained by visiting the Experience Centre. It has been told by Ola that the customers who have booked the S1x scooter so far. Delivery of scooters will start from next week.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer