MLA Indraj said - The dam of patience is about to break

MLA Indraj said - The dam of patience is about to break: Said - Pilot brought Congress from 21 to 100 seats, how many days will you keep it sitting at home?

Sep 6, 2022 - 23:37
MLA Indraj said - The dam of patience is about to break

MLAs supporting Sachin Pilot are now vocally raising the demand to make him the CM. Pilot supporters and Biratnagar (Jaipur) MLA Indraj Gurjar and Chaksu MLA Ved Prakash Solanki are continuously giving statements regarding this. After attending the ceremony held in Jaipur a day before Sachin's birthday, both these leaders openly advocated for Pilot to be made the CM. He questioned the pilot for not being given the post till now and warned of breaking the dam of patience.
Chaksu (Jaipur) MLA Ved Prakash Solanki has accused the government of removing the poster hoardings of the pilot from Jaipur city. He clearly said – the government can remove the hoarding. Someone should remove the pilot from the hearts of the public.
Indraj Gurjar said- You can understand how big a contribution Pilot had made in forming the Congress government in Rajasthan. You cannot despise that man for long. For how long will a man be patient? The person who roamed from village to village Dhani-Dhani for five years worked to recharge Congress workers. Our party was reduced to 21 seats. Worked to bring that party back to 100 seats. For how long will you keep him at home? Somewhere the dam of patience is about to break for everyone.
Indraj Gurjar said- I also went to Jodhpuria Dham of Niwai, in which the biggest fair of our society is held. I had said this that in 2018, many people won the election by taking the name of Sachin Pilot. When the pilot needs to, he turns his back and runs away. People will see such people. I stand by what was said in the social program even today. If you are now sitting at a distance from the person whose name you won, then the society and the people of the entire Rajasthan are watching him.
Chaksu MLA Ved Prakash Solanki targeted the government, accusing the government of removing the poster hoardings of the pilot. Solanki said – The way people have gathered today. It is time for the high command to measure the temperature of the hearts of the people.
Solanki said- Poster hoardings of the pilot were removed overnight in Jaipur city on Monday. The orders to remove the poster hoardings in the Civil Lines area were issued on 3rd September itself. What does the issue of such an order 3 days before the birthday indicate? At the administrative level, orders in writing are not without any gestures. Even before this, posters of congratulations of leaders have been put up, but never removed like this. Removing posters like this is condemnable.
Solanki said- As soon as people came to know that the hoardings of Pilot Saheb had been removed at eight o'clock in the morning, people started coming here with double strength. Pilots are in the hearts of the people. That is why people have come by their own means. Leaders have to put in place means to bring people in. Money has to be spent, but people have come here by their own means. At whose behest the poster hoardings were removed, the public knows.
Solanki said – As soon as this message has gone in Rajasthan, the posters of the pilot are being removed, it has created more enthusiasm among the people. A double number of people have come to congratulate Sachin than the number which was supposed to come earlier. Removing posters is not good politics. Even though the posters were removed, we put up the posters again early in the morning. Poster hoardings can be removed, but those in whose hearts the pilots have settled cannot be removed.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer