Messi stopped for 2 hours at Beijing airport

Messi stopped for 2 hours at Beijing airport: has gone to China for a friendly football match between Argentina-Australia

Jun 13, 2023 - 16:03
Messi stopped for 2 hours at Beijing airport

Argentine football star Lionel Messi was stopped by Chinese police for two hours at the airport in Beijing. Its video is going viral on social media. Messi has arrived in China for the international friendly football match between Australia and Argentina at the Workers' Stadium in Beijing. This incident is on 10 June.
Actually, Messi has passports from both Argentina and Spanish countries. Messi showed a Spanish passport to officials in China instead of Argentina. There is no visa-free entry for Spanish passport holders in China. Because of this, the Chinese police stopped them.
However, they can enter Taiwan without a visa. According to Messi, he thought that Taiwan was part of China, so he did not apply for a visa.
And the Chinese fans kept waiting for Messi outside the airport. Messi came out of the airport after about 2 hours after the matter was resolved. Argentina and Australia will face off in Workers on 15 June 2023 (Thursday).
Lionel Messi has recently signed with Inter Miami, the team of Major League Soccer, America's football league. Messi himself confirmed this.
Messi's contract with French club Paris Saint-Germain expires on June 30. Messi played his last match for PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) against Clermont Football Club in Ligue 1.

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