Journalist fired a missile on behalf of Russia in the war

Journalist fired a missile on behalf of Russia in the war: Said- Hello to Ukraine from my side, we are fighting with Nazis

May 5, 2023 - 09:04
Journalist fired a missile on behalf of Russia in the war

In the Russia-Ukraine war, not only soldiers but journalists are also firing rockets whenever they get a chance. The video of one such Russian reporter covering the war is going viral. In this, he is seen loading and firing the rocket from the Russian side.
The video has been shared by Gunduz Mamedov, a former Ukrainian prosecutor. He has criticized the journalist for taking part in the war like this. At the same time, some people are also calling it Russia's propaganda.
The viral video shows the first reporter talking to Russian soldiers. After this, he starts helping the soldiers load the rocket. During this, he says that it is wrong to help a journalist in this way in the war. However, this is a special case.
After saying this, he fits a rocket in the multiple-launch rocket system and says that it is hello to Ukraine from his side. To justify his action, he says that Russia is fighting for its motherland. He also calls Ukrainian soldiers Nazis.
On Monday, the US Intelligence Agency released new information regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. It was claimed in this that more than one lakh soldiers of Russia have been killed in the war so far. At the same time, 80 thousand have been injured in the last 5 months.
America's National Security Council spokesman John Kirby had told Intelligence that more than 20 thousand soldiers have died in the last 5 months. More than half of these were fighters of the private military group Wanger. Those who lost their lives fighting in the Bakhmut area of Ukraine.
Pope Francis, the world's biggest Christian religious leader, has said that he is working on a secret mission to stop the Russia-Ukraine war. Giving information about this, he said that peace cannot be maintained without dialogue. A mission is underway. It cannot be made public now.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer