In Britain, parents gave vodka to the child got caught

In Britain, parents gave vodka to the child: both of them were caught by the police on charges of child abuse

Aug 6, 2022 - 22:46
In Britain, parents gave vodka to the child got caught

A UK couple has been arrested for drinking vodka for their child. The police have accused him of child abuse. However, after some time both were released on bail. This incident happened in Dover, Kent in June. Now its video is being shared.
In the video, a child is seen sitting on the floor. A woman is also sitting next to him. The woman holds a bottle of vodka in her hand. She pours vodka in the lid and gives the child a jerky drink. Like a child is given medicine. After this, the child's head is tilted back, so that it goes down. During this, a shirtless man is standing nearby the whole time. Loud music is playing behind. It is being claimed that the men and women seen in the video are the parents of the child.
Kent Police launched an investigation after the 14-second video was shared on social media. After that, they came to know about the address. The team reached the spot and the matter came to light. After this, the parents of the child have been arrested on child abuse charges. However, after some time both were released on bail. Presently the child is back with them.
One woman said, 'It is very sad. I posted about it on Facebook, but it kept getting removed from there. Another user said, 'How can anyone outside that house know whether the child is safe or not? Sending the innocent back to the parents is cruel. At the same time, a Kent County Council spokesman said that the social services are aware of this and have taken appropriate action in the matter.
This is not the first case. A similar video surfaced in 2010, in which a two-year-old Indonesian boy, Aldi Rizal, admitted to smoking 40 cigarettes a day. Although Masoom got rid of the habit of smoking cigarettes under a rehabilitation program, but then started drinking junk food and condensed milk. Due to this, at the age of 5, his weight became 25 kg. Now the family has somehow controlled his hunger.

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