IAS wrote the story of the safe evacuation of Indians in the Russia-Ukraine war through 'Operation Ganga'

Pakistani students came out of Ukraine with the Indian flag: IAS wrote the story of the safe evacuation of Indians in the Russia-Ukraine war through 'Operation Ganga'

Jun 4, 2023 - 11:22
IAS wrote the story of the safe evacuation of Indians in the Russia-Ukraine war through 'Operation Ganga'

During the Ukraine-Russia war, 'Operation Ganga' was launched by the Government of India to evacuate Indians trapped in Ukraine. 22 thousand Indians were stranded in Ukraine. A large number of them were students who had gone to Ukraine for studies. In his book 'Operation Ganga', senior IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh, Tarun Pithode has brought forth an interesting story of the operation carried out by the Government of India during the Russo-Ukraine war.
The author is an IAS officer of the 2009 batch. He has also written a book on Kovid earlier. He has been a collector in many districts of Madhya Pradesh including Bhopal. Writing is his hobby.
While talking to Bhaskar, IS Tarun told that during the war Indians were evacuated by the Government of India through Operation Ganga. The story itself is unique. Through this book, those heroes have been brought to the fore who played an important role in evacuating the Indians during the war. Everyone was helping the stranded Indians from their own side, some were connecting all the Indians through WhatsApp groups and sharing the location of their exit, while some were converting their restaurants into messes and arranging food for the students.
IS Tarun tells that these were those heroes of whom everyone is unaware? Such a huge operation was carried out. Bombs were falling everywhere. In such a situation, the spirit of the Indians living there was amazing. An entire organization was prepared to rescue the children trapped in trouble. People raised an entire army during the war.
The Government of India had arranged for a flight to rescue. But the biggest challenge was to take the stranded Indians to those flights. During this, Ramji from Tamil Nadu, who was posted as second secretary in Ukraine Embassy, played an important role. He was posted in Hungary, and since there was no other ambassador in Hungary, the responsibility of evacuating the children from Ukraine was entrusted to Ram Ji. Showing courage, Ramji reached the border of Hungary and Ukraine with his team facing all kinds of troubles with the children. During this, there was also an incident of fighting on the borders with the children. Still, the brave hero of the country did not give up. Made small groups and got the entire Indians safely airlifted from there.
IAS Tarun told that along with Indian students, there were also students from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The manner in which a campaign was going on by the Government of India to evacuate its students by running Operation Ganga. In such a situation, no arrangement was made for those students by the government of Pakistan or Bangladesh. In such a situation, many students of Pakistan and Bangladesh came out of the border of Ukraine carrying the Indian flag. The brave heroes of India airlifted the students of Pakistan and Bangladesh who were in trouble and brought them out safely, the Pakistani government refuses to accept this despite having all the information and photographs.
This book written on Operation Ganga covers every untouched aspect of that war. Knowing this we feel proud of the unity and courage of our Indians.
IAS Tarun has already written a book on the campaign run by the government during the Corona epidemic. They say that whenever there is any trouble in the country. Then we don't know. There are so many stories going on behind it, books can be the means to bring those hidden stories in front of the people. I have written my book about this.
IAS officer Tarun Pithode, the author of the book 'Operation Ganga', had a talk show at JECRC University, Jaipur. Tarun Pithode, (IAS Officer) from the School of Mass Communication of JECRC University released his book Operation Ganga and shared his experience related to the book with the students in the meantime he told the students that today's youth are aware of the country's culture and Have forgotten the value. How to live life cheerfully and work worry-free with the cultural heritage of India like yoga and spirituality? Identify the hidden skill inside and make it self-fulfilling.
He gave information on the hidden aspect related to Operation Ganga. During this session, JECRC University Chairman Amit Agarwal, President of JECRC University Victor Gambhir, Dean of School of Communication Dr. Narendra Kaushik, Head of the Department of Mass Communication Honorable Shailendra Pratap Bhati and Faculty Coordinator School of Mass Communication Shashwat Vashisht, Manish Arya and Pandit Amandeep were present along with many students from different departments.

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