Amidst the 'Adipurush' controversy, 'Laxman' Sunil Lahiri said such a thing about Kangana Ranaut, the actress reacted

Kangana Ranaut Reaction Over Sunil Lahri Statement: Let us tell you that recently in Ramayana, Laxman i.e. Sunil Lahiri had lashed out at Om Raut, the director of the film Adipurush. Sunil was very disappointed with the story of this film. He had said that while showing the story of Ramayana on the big screen, the makers had used such tapori tone. Now Sunil has reacted regarding Kangana.

Jun 22, 2023 - 10:23
Amidst the 'Adipurush' controversy, 'Laxman' Sunil Lahiri said such a thing about Kangana Ranaut, the actress reacted

At this time, there is an uproar everywhere regarding director Om Raut's film 'Adipurush'. From the look of the characters of Ram, Sita, Laxman, Ravana, and Hanuman in the film of this film, after listening to many of its dialogues, people's anger is on the seventh sky at this time.
Due to this, the entire team including Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan is being trolled. Everyone is reacting to this film. At the same time, Sunil Lahiri, who played Laxman in director Ramanand's show 'Ramayana' in 1987, recently expressed his anger over the language used in 'Adipurush'. In such a situation, now Sunil Lahiri has special hopes for Kangana Ranaut.
Kangana Ranaut will be seen playing the role of Sita in her upcoming film 'The Incarnation Sita'. Recently, Sunil Lahiri said in an interview that there is no special expectation from Alia Bhatt in terms of playing the role of Sita, but I have full hope from Kangana Ranaut that she will not make the mistake of 'Adipurush' in her film. According to me, Kangana will present the character of Sita very well. Along with this, Sunil also warned that people should not tamper with their culture.
Kangana Ranaut has also given her reaction after Sunil Lahiri's statement. He shared his Insta story and made several emojis of folded hands. He has tagged Sunil. Kangana is working on the film 'The Incarnation of Sita' being directed by Alokik Desai. She is playing the role of Sita in this film. This film was announced in the year 2021. The story of this film is written by KV Vijayendra Prasad.

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