Rajasthan Social Welfare Board proposes work from home to women employees during periods

Women can get work from home during periods: Social Welfare Board sent a proposal to the government, announcement possible in the budget

Jan 6, 2023 - 23:54
Rajasthan Social Welfare Board proposes work from home to women employees during periods

Working women can get the facility of working from home during periods. The State Social Welfare Board has sent the proposal to the government. According to the proposal, women working in government offices have been suggested to provide work-from-home facilities during periods. For this, it is suggested to add the provision of work from home by changing the service rules. In the general body meeting of the Social Welfare Board on Friday, it was decided to send this proposal to the government.
In the board meeting, it was decided to send nine types of proposals to the government. Referring to the problems faced by women during periods, they have been asked to make provisions for providing them with the facility to work from home. At present women in government offices get maternity leave on delivery, but there is no concession in any way including leave in periods. The board argues that during periods, many times women face a lot of trouble at the workplace, so they should be given the facility of working from home.
State Social Welfare Board Chairperson Archana Sharma said that the Social Welfare Board has been formed with the aim of making effective rules for the welfare of women and children and implementing them. The Board makes suggestions from time to time. A suggestion is being sent to the government to facilitate women to work from home during periods.
The Social Welfare Board Chairman said that with the aim of reducing the increasing sexual crimes against children, awareness programs would be organized in all the colleges, and schools in the state at the state level, district level and panchayat samiti level. In this, information about Good Touch-Bad Touch and other awareness programs and welfare schemes will be given.
Sharma said in the meeting that family tensions are increasing due to social changes. It is also affecting marital relations. For this, there is a need to set up a family counselling center. Counselling of women should be done at these centers and legal aid should also be given if needed.
The Social Welfare Board has proposed to run Yashoda Palnagriha Yojana. In this scheme, along with the care of children from six months to six years, facilities will be provided for the physical and mental development of the children. The board has also prepared a proposal to open an International Language Learning Center. This center will have the facility to teach languages from all over the world.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer