Inside Nitsa Nakos' $26 Million Journey in Network Marketing

Oct 24, 2023 - 10:05
Inside Nitsa Nakos' $26 Million Journey in Network Marketing
Inside Nitsa Nakos' $26 Million Journey in Network Marketing

Nitsa Nakos is showing aspiring entrepreneurs how to reach their goals by setting an unignorable example. The accomplished millionaire entrepreneur, network marketing professional, mentor, and humanitarian is bringing her vision to the public. She’s already helped thousands achieve their own financial freedom—27 of them becoming multi-millionaires in their own right. Her unique philosophy championing conscious leadership enables others to achieve a higher level of success than they ever thought possible. 
This extraordinary entrepreneur is a mission and purpose-driven visionary focused on making meaningful change in this world. For 25 years, she’s been at the helm of Synergy, her successful network marketing brand. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how her presence has expanded. Nitsa is passionate about creating conscious communities around the world by inspiring and guiding them along the path to success. 
Nitsa was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but is of Greek heritage, encouraging her to develop a substantial presence in those areas. No matter where she focuses, she believes that the human touch can still exist in a high-tech world. In a business environment that’s supersaturated with an obsession over power, control, greed, and competitiveness, conscious leadership celebrates the other in addition to the self. She’s built a philosophy on a foundational understanding that by putting collaboration over competition and generosity over greed, one’s able to harness real power from within as opposed to seeking to attain the ability to exert power over others. 
Soul and mission-driven entrepreneurs, network marketers, and business owners looking for the next level of financial freedom and success are drawn to Nitsa and her message. Those ready to step into a millionaire income with their convictions tend to go hand-in-hand with her philosophy. Anyone who wants to help bring the soul into business with a WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN approach in every exchange of value can benefit from her mentorship. By helping others apply 360 leadership to their businesses, she’s creating successful individuals one student at a time. 
So, what exactly is this winning philosophy? It focuses on the five facets of winning by asking a series of questions. Does it help you win? Does it help the other win? Does it help the collective win? Does it help Mother Earth? Does it help in the ascension of the planet? 
Also, where exactly did this philosophy get her? Well, she became a millionaire in her early 30s but lost everything in the financial crisis of 2008. She built everything back from scratch, re-discovering her true essence in the process. Today, she’s an 8-figure per year income earner as a thought leader, strategist, and angel investor. Not to mention, she’s a forceful presence in terms of charity and compassionate projects, hosting numerous community and environmentally-based initiatives that support the raising of consciousness in the world as well as the protection of our beautiful planet. 
Nitsa has traveled to over 40 countries, spoken in front of thousands of people, and helped start, form, and lead a multi-billion dollar network marketing company, producing a turnover of over $400 million in three years. If you want to pursue your own successful entrepreneurial journey, connect with Nitsa Nakos today.

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