Doctor molested minor in Jaipur hospital

Doctor molested minor in Jaipur hospital: Was brought to emergency after a road accident, accused of 'bad touch'

Oct 15, 2022 - 23:51
Doctor molested minor in Jaipur hospital

A doctor of a private hospital in Jaipur has been accused of molestation by a minor. Mother and daughter went for treatment after falling from the scooty. There has been an allegation of touching in the wrong way (bad) on the pretext of treatment in an emergency. The police registered an FIR under the POCSO Act on Saturday evening. The CCTV footage installed in the hospital is being scrutinized.
SHO Virendra Kuril said that a 44-year-old government officer resident of Sector-6 Vidyadhar Nagar has lodged a report. His 14-year-old daughter studies in class 9 in a private school. On October 6 morning, her mother was going to drop her minor daughter off at school by scooty. While going from Pratishtha Colony located in Vidyadhar Nagar, suddenly a dog came on the road. Scooty slipped after applying brakes while trying to save the dog. Both mother and daughter were injured after falling on the road.
With the help of the people, the injured mother and daughter were taken to Agrasen Hospital. After first aid, he was brought to a private hospital located on Sikar Road (near Vidyadhar Nagar). In the emergency of the hospital, the mother and daughter were admitted to different beds for treatment. It is alleged that Dr. Ravi Ranjan, posted in Emergency, touched the minor daughter inappropriately on the pretext of treatment. After treatment, the injured daughter went home on the same day and the mother went home on the second day.
The victim's father is a government officer. He told the police that he had gone to Malaysia for an 8-day private visit. Returned home from Malaysia on 13 October. After the father's return, the daughter told her mother about the doctor's actions in the emergency. The mother told her husband about the doctor's handiwork. After this, the couple decided to go to the hospital to find out about the doctor.
To know about the incident, the couple reached the hospital with the minor daughter. Inquired the staff present there to identify the doctor. The doctor's photo was shown on WhatsApp to the hospital staff. The girl recognized the doctor. The hospital administration called the doctor. Even when she came forward, the girl recognized her. The family members complained about the doctor in the hospital administration. The victim's father went to the police station and lodged a report against the accused Dr. Ravi Ranjan.
SHO Virendra Kuril said that on the complaint of the father, a case has been registered under the POCSO Act on Saturday evening. Based on the report, the matter is being investigated. The team has also been sent to scrutinize the CCTV footage installed in the hospital.
Doctor Ravi Ranjan says – The mother and daughter injured in the road accident were brought to the hospital emergency. The mother had injuries to her head and arms and legs. Along with the left knee of the injured daughter, there were injuries in many other places. During the treatment of both, female staff was present with me. 5-6 stitches were applied to the girl's knee injury. X-rays were also done for fracture doubts. Together with the female staff, the places with the child's pen were checked. I don't know why the girl was molested during treatment. During the treatment, I did not even take the name of the child except by calling it, son.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer