Central leaders tour for 3 days in Rajasthan: Rajnath Singh in Jodhpur, Nadda in Bharatpur and Amit Shah in Udaipur

Central leaders tour for 3 days in Rajasthan: Rajnath Singh in Jodhpur, Nadda in Bharatpur, and Amit Shah in Udaipur

Jun 27, 2023 - 21:37
Central leaders tour for 3 days in Rajasthan: Rajnath Singh in Jodhpur, Nadda in Bharatpur and Amit Shah in Udaipur

In view of the assembly elections, the central leadership of BJP has full focus on Rajasthan. This is the reason why visits of PM Modi to central ministers and leaders are taking place continuously in Rajasthan. In this sequence, there will be visits of central leaders in the state for the next three days. In this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will address a public meeting in Jodhpur on June 28, BJP National President JP Nadda in Bharatpur on June 29, and Home Minister Amit Shah in Udaipur on June 30.
With these visits, BJP is trying to strengthen its political hold in these three divisions. At the same time, before the assembly elections, they are engaged in uniting the workers and ending the factionalism prevailing at the local level. At the same time, efforts are also being made to implement social engineering through tours.
On May 31, the BJP made the election conch shell in Rajasthan from PM Modi's meeting in Ajmer. After this BJP is continuously working under an aggressive strategy regarding the state. After these three visits, the program of PM Modi's visit to Rajasthan once again next month is being prepared. Modi can address a big public meeting in Jodhpur in July.
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will have a big meeting on June 28 at Balesar in Jodhpur district. Rajnath Singh will address the Lok Sabha convention organized on the occasion of the completion of 9 years of the Modi government at the Centre. Rajnath Singh's visit to Marwar, which is considered to be Rajput dominated, is also considered very important from the point of view of social engineering. This is the reason why Rajnath Singh's meeting is being organized in Balesar, a Rajput-dominated area. On the other hand, if we look at the political equation of Marwar, BJP is not in a very strong position here. Out of 33 seats in six districts of Marwar, 14 seats were won by BJP, 16 by Congress, 1 by RLP, and 2 by others in the last elections.
After Rajnath Singh, BJP National President JP Nadda is coming to Bharatpur on 29th June. He will inaugurate the new district office of the BJP in Bharatpur. At the same time, he will also address the public meeting through the Lok Sabha conference to be held in Nadbai. In terms of the political equation, the condition of the BJP is worst in the Bharatpur division. In the last elections, BJP could win only 1 out of 19 seats here. In that too, BJP MLA from Dholpur Shobharani Kushwaha had voted in favor of Congress in the Rajya Sabha elections. After which the BJP expelled him from the party. In such a situation, there is not a single MLA of the BJP in Bharatpur division as of today. In such a situation, in the coming days, other leaders will also visit the Bharatpur division.
BJP is working under a special strategy regarding Mewar. This can be gauged from the fact that out of 6 visits of PM Modi in the last 9 months, 2 were in Mewar. Now Home Minister Amit Shah is also coming on June 30 to help Mewar. Shah will address the public meeting at Gandhi Ground in Udaipur City. At the same time, we will also work to infuse life among the workers through booth conferences. In the politics of Rajasthan, it is believed that the one who conquered Mewar conquered Rajasthan. But this myth was broken in the last assembly elections. Out of 28 seats in the Udaipur division, BJP won 15, Congress 10, and others 3. But this time with Gulabchand Kataria becoming the governor, a vacuum has been created in Mewar for the BJP. At the same time, factionalism has also increased among local leaders. However, BJP has tried to end this vacuum by making CP Joshi the state president of Mewar. But still, it will not be easy for BJP to maintain its previous performance in Mewar.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer