Canon India strengthens broadcasting and streaming portfolio with the launch of two new remote cameras- CR-N500 and CR-N300

Offering 20x Optical Zoom and 4K UHD imaging with one-person operation, the latest offerings aim to transform the Production Landscape

Nov 17, 2022 - 21:21
Canon India strengthens broadcasting and streaming portfolio with the launch of two new remote cameras- CR-N500 and CR-N300
Canon India strengthens broadcasting and streaming portfolio with the launch of two new remote cameras- CR-N500 and CR-N300

NationalDriven by its pursuit in innovation, Canon India launched the all-new innovative Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) remote cameras, namely CR-N500 and CR-N300 to meet the diverse needs of the broadcasting and streaming industry. Designed and customized for every segment ranging from Corporates and Broadcast/Production houses to House of worship, Education segment and Event Management, these cameras make workflows seamless with unrivalled clarity.


The new indoor cameras attest their adaptability to today’s hybrid working systems with astounding features such as one-person operation through the wide angle up to 20x Optical Zoom lens for 4K UHD imaging. Creating a benchmark in broadcasting, the powerful portfolio is capable of supporting production houses with increased flexibility to simplify operations, allowing for a single operator to manage multiple cameras remotely.


Speaking about the new products, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki, President & CEO, Canon India said “At Canon India, we are constantly analyzing new trends in the industry and the ways in which the broadcasting industry is shapeshifting since the pandemic. The sharp rise across the streaming and broadcasting arena has prompted the growth of video production and distribution in both live and recorded formats. Marking our foray in the remote camera category, the newly introduced products demonstrate our continuous commitment to bring the most advanced imaging solutions to our customers. Addressing the varied needs of remote operations, these cameras are well poised to meet the changing demands of the customers in the broadcasting and streaming segment and we are confident that they will be received positively.”


Providing more insights about the new features of the cameras, Mr. K Bhaskhar, Senior Vice President – Business Imaging Solutions, Canon India said, “Over the years, Canon has emerged to be a trusted brand, well known for the innovative and reliable imaging solutions for customers across segments. Having established our footprint across multiple avenues and industries, we are proud to elevate our product proposition further, with the launch of new remote cameras, CR-N500 and CR-N300. With comprehensive innovative features, these are the ideal choice for varied production landscapes looking for workflow compliant broadcasting solutions. Ensuring the operation of many cameras using a single operator, these remote cameras significantly ease the economic operational expenses and provide flexibility to customers. Further, with features like dual auto focus, numerous IP streaming and control protocols, we look forward to new ways in which broadcasters will be able to engage their audience using our latest offerings.”


Canon CR-N500


The CR-N500 is a multi-faceted camera that targets the shooting and distribution of high-quality videos through a remote setting. This new system demonstrates the incredibly quick response time of the device during remote operations, whilst also offering flexible methods during video production and broadcasting, all controlled through a one-man operation setting.


Exemplary Broadcast Quality

To meet the video production needs, CR-N500 is equipped with a 1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS image sensor that captures up to 60fps in Full HD. Using 9-bladed Iris Diaphragm technology, the camera creates attractive and natural bokeh effects, whilst offering a high 15x optical zoom and wide-angle coverage to meet a producer’s shooting needs.


Enhanced Manoeuvrability

Introducing a four-axis correction mechanism, the CR-N500 is enabled for vertical and horizontal roll correction, along with an up-down/left-right correction, allowing users to maintain a proportional image regardless of the angle at which the video or image is shot at. Powered by the Dual-pixel CMOS AF, the camera also shoots with an incredibly accurate auto-focus assistance technology with high-speed and high-precision.


One Man Operation

The CR-N500 also boasts a selection of remote-control applications, whether using the Infrared WL-N01 Remote or a paired Windows Surface Tablet, with the Remote Camera Controller Application installed, to allow one person to operate the entire camera from a remote locale. The various ways in which the CR-N500 can be used remotely via the above-mentioned methods also allows producers and cameramen enhanced flexibility in choosing their method of operation to suit the needs of their video production purpose. Users can use both Wi-Fi and infrared connectivity to activate the camera, with an indicative “Tally Lamp” near the lens to indicate whether the camera is in standby mode or not, with a red light indicating that it is on-air, whilst a green light to indicate when it is on standby.


Multi-Streaming Capabilities

The CR-N500 also supports a distribution total of three video streams at the same time, allowing users to work concurrently with one device. This can be achieved through the Network Device Interface protocol, as the camera also supports Real-time Transport protocol. The camera can output a HDMI/SDI video at a maximum of 30 FPS or less when distributing three channels but is also capable of distributing two video streams at 4K H.264 and 360p H.264 codecs at the same time.


Canon CR-N300


Equipped with a Hybrid Autofocus system that combines high-precision contrast AF at high-speed phases, this camera allows users to also make use of the impressive pre-set scene mode, which allows a shooting mode based on the subject environment. Equipped with a small yet mighty 20x optical zoom along with its wide-angle and high magnification, the CR-N300 covers a wide range of shooting needs, from simple web streaming to studio broadcast production.


Stay Connected

The Canon CR-N300 comes with an USB connectivity, in addition to IP, SDI and HDMI connectivity, allowing users to easily integrate their device with any web application. Through the USB connectivity, a UVC connection is also available to allow users to directly connect their camera to a computer device, without the need for installing a third-party driver.


Incredible Clarity

Equipped with a 20x optical high magnification zoom lens that starts from 29.3mm and 1/2.3 types 4K UHD CMOS sensor, this device brings about a 3D real-time lens structure that validates its usage in all kinds of applications. Besides providing users with an amazingly quiet operational style, it also moves freely and responds in real time for both zooming and image stabilisation procedures.


Equipped with 8-bladed technology, the CR-N300’s circular aperture also helps to create aesthetically pleasing images and videos comparable to the professional range of lens offerings.


Highly Accessible

The CR-N300 also comes with multiple terminals, including a USB support connection that will allow producers to make use of this device regardless of their needs. The camera also supports high efficiency video codecs, ranging from JPEG, H.264 and H.265, lowering the costs of storage whilst reducing the need for immense data scrubbing during transmission, improving its accessibility and connectivity.

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