Navneet Rana trolled on Ganesh Visarjan

Navneet Rana trolled on Ganesh Visarjan: Trollers said - such acts of Hindutva contractors, is this your Hindu religion?

Sep 11, 2022 - 22:03
Navneet Rana trolled on Ganesh Visarjan

Navneet Rana, MP from Amravati, Maharashtra has once again come into the limelight. Actually, a video of Navneet and her husband doing Ganesh immersion is going viral. In this, along with some people, they are immersed by throwing the idol of Ganesh Ji from above. The water in which the idol was thrown also looks dirty and muddy.
She is getting trolled a lot since the video went viral. Many users have expressed anger over the video. Some wrote in the comments – such are the actions of Hindutva contractors, while some wrote is this your Hindu religion. At the same time, many people have demanded to register a case for insulting Hindu deities and religion. Also said that if others had done the same, then the Rana couple and BJP would have made it an issue.
Shiv Sena's deputy leader Sushma Andhare also targeted MP Navneet Rana. He said that the violence started by Navneet Rana in the name of religion should be stopped. She is constantly creating confusion for Hindutva. Do they not know how Bappa is immersed? She just tries to stay in focus.
Just a few days ago, Navneet had created a ruckus with the workers of the Hindu organization at Rajpeth police station. Navneet had alleged that during the complaint of the love jihad case, he had called the policeman and he recorded his phone. She got angry because of this. He angrily asked the officer - who gave the right to the recording.
Rana said- 'The girl's parents had come to me with a complaint that she was married keeping the girl in the dark. When I called the police station regarding this, the police recorded my phone, which gave them the right to record my call. The girl is kidnapped. They should find him and bring him in front." The police replied to Rana that they had detained a young man selling vegetables in this case.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer