Metro will run till Chomu, Bagru, Chaksu, Bassi!

Metro will run till Chomu, Bagru, Chaksu, Bassi!: Gehlot said - Sometime this dream will also come true; may be announced in the budget

Sep 12, 2022 - 23:00
Metro will run till Chomu, Bagru, Chaksu, Bassi!

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has indicated to work further on the plan to connect the cities around Jaipur with the metro. In the opening ceremony of the block level competition of the Rural Olympic Games in Chomu, Gehlot said – Chomu is near Jaipur. You will remember my dream. I wish that the metro comes from Jaipur to Chomu at some point or the other. I had said this in the last term also, but the government changed. Many schemes failed. There is more traffic on the roads in Bagru, Chomu, and Chaksu. Accidents are more. Many people are killed. If the metro starts running then such incidents will come down. Someday this dream will also come true.
Gehlot said- We have not stopped short of taking decisions. Our government is the government of the people. One decision has been taken in each field. Work is in progress on the plan to deliver water to the doorsteps. The Government of India is giving 40 percent of the money in the scheme of every household tap. The rest of the money is being given by the state government.
Gehlot said- A demand has been made to reach Bisalpur water till Chomu. The water of Bisalpur has reached Harmada, 20 km away. I assure you that I will get the test done before the budget to reach Bisalpur water till Chomu. As soon as I get to know about the availability of water, I myself will announce it in the next budget. So that Chomu gets sweet water.
In the capital Jaipur, the metro is currently running on two routes from Mansarovar to Chandpole and from Chandpole to Badi Chaupar. Presently the metro has a route of 11.3 km in Jaipur. In this year's budget, expanding the same route of Metro, it has been announced to add 200 feet culvert Ajmer bypass route from Badi Chaupar to Transport Nagar located at Delhi Bypass and Mansarovar. DPR is being prepared for this. After the completion of the announcement made in the budget, this route of Jaipur Metro will increase to 16.5 km.
The budget constraint is the biggest hurdle for running the metro to the cities around Jaipur. Gehlot has called it a dream for this reason. If the government expands the Jaipur Metro on the lines of the Delhi Metro, then thousands of crores of annual funds are needed. The state government is short of funds. A loan will also have to be taken for the expansion of the metro.
Before the election year, the Chief Minister said that the dream of connecting the cities around Jaipur with the metro route has political implications. Jaipur has Chomu, Bassi, Chaksu and Bagru assembly seats. The CM has definitely started discussions by talking about connecting the four cities with the metro. Metro has become a talking point in these areas. In the next budget, the Chief Minister can announce the preparation of DPR for connecting the cities around Jaipur with the metro.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer