India's name echoed in Apple's important meeting

India's name echoed in Apple's important meeting: CEO Tim Cook said - India is the best place to sell Apple's phone

May 6, 2023 - 10:52
India's name echoed in Apple's important meeting

Tim Cook, CEO of tech company Apple, took the name India 20 times during the company's earnings call. Cook said that India can not only become a huge market for Apple but also has the potential to become a strong production base.
The entire senior management of the company was present with him in this conference call. The company has now shifted its focus from China to India. Cook opened exclusive stores in Mumbai and Delhi in India last month.
Cook said, "Both store openings have been great and we expect both stores in India to deliver better results than the rest of the world."
Apple has set a new record in India in terms of sales and revenue in the March quarter. The company has grown in double digits on an annual basis. Announcing the quarterly results, Cook said that the Indian market is growing rapidly, which he is surprised to see. He said that he will expand his operational part. So that there is no shortage of any kind in customer service.
Shows the growing importance of India in the overall growth of the company. Cook said, 'India has a huge number of middle-class people and I think India is one of the best markets for Apple. There is tremendous energy in the people of India.
Apple sold smartphones worth $6 billion last year. Many companies are ready for Apple's smartphone manufacturing in India and Tim Cook is betting big on India due to the easy availability of workers here. Due to the growing tension between the US and China, Apple is focusing on making iPhones in India and increasing exports from here. Currently, most iPhones are being made in China. In the last 1 year, Apple has started manufacturing iPhones by opening several manufacturing plants in India.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer