Indians will also make indigenous Iron Dome, preparations to kill the enemies in the air

India will Make Iron Dome: In the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the name of Iron Dome continues to be in the headlines. After all, what is this and how does it kill enemies in the air?

Oct 30, 2023 - 10:21
Indians will also make indigenous Iron Dome, preparations to kill the enemies in the air

India remains worried about the nefarious designs of its two neighboring countries, China and Pakistan. This is the reason why India is continuously working towards strengthening its security system. First, due to the war going on between Russia and Ukraine and now between Israel and Palestine for more than two weeks, India wants to further strengthen its border. According to sources, India has also started planning to build an 'Iron Dome'. It is being told that indigenous Iron Domes will be installed in the country by the year 2028-29. What is Iron Dome and how does it work?

The discussion of Iron Dome has started amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. It is being said that Hamas is not able to do any harm to Israel only because of the Iron Dome. What the hell is Iron Dome? This is a series of batteries in which radars are installed. With the help of this radar, short-range rockets are detected and destroyed. The American defense company says that each battery includes three or four launchers, 20 missiles, and a radar. The radar detects the rocket and then the Iron Dome system provides information about where the rocket is moving. If the rocket moves towards a populated area then it is destroyed by launching a missile.

Recently Russia's S-400 Triumph air defense system has been included in the Indian Air Force. It can be compared with India's native 'Iron Dome'. The Indian Air Force expects that two more S-400 squadrons will be inducted into the force in the coming year. It is getting delayed due to the Russia-Ukraine war. It has been deployed in the northwest and east of India to counter China and Pakistan. It is reported that LR-SAM will work together with the Integrated Air Command and Control System of the Indian Air Force. However, the Indian Army has not yet said anything publicly regarding Iron Dome.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer