Government held a meeting on one device one charger

One device one charger: Mobile laptop be of any company, now the charger will be the same, the government will take a decision soon

Aug 11, 2022 - 20:50
Government held a meeting on one device one charger

On August 17, the government held a meeting on one device one charger. In which officials from the tech industry and consumer ministry will be involved. All mobile companies will also participate in this meeting. There are currently many types of chargers in India which are meant for different devices. The most popular of these is the Type-C charger, followed by Micro USB and then Apple's Lightning charger.
Recently, before the Government of India, the European Union announced the use of USB Type-C port as a common charger, which will start from 2024 i.e. in 2024 with all the devices sold in European countries, Type-C port only. You will get support. A similar announcement has been made in America as well.
According to a report in PTI, a government official has said that when all companies can provide the same type of charger in America and Europe, then why not in India? He said that if there is no pressure from the Government of India regarding the common charger, then all the chargers of America and Europe will be brought to the Indian market.
In the current situation, for every new device (smartphone, laptop, other gadgets), the user has to buy a new type of charger. If the government orders a common charger, then people will be comfortable and multiple devices can be charged from the same charger. The most complaints about the charger remain with the iPhone and Android users.
According to a report, half of all chargers sold in the US in 2018 were USB Micro B chargers, while 29% were Type-C chargers and 21% were Lightning chargers, ie 21% of devices were from Apple, because only Apple used the Lightning port. does.
Apple was the most opposed to the European Union's proposal for a common charger, which uses its Lightning connector on iPhones, AirPods and other devices. Some laptop manufacturers such as Dell, HP and Asus will also have to replace the charger offered with their affordable devices. However, most laptops from these companies already have a USB Type-C port, so adopting it for your affordable laptop shouldn't be a problem.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer