Exploring the performance of SBI Blue-chip Fund in the past decade

Exploring the performance of SBI Blue-chip Fund in the past decade
SBI bluechip fund

New Delhi (India), March 25: Have you ever considered investing in a mutual fund? If so, the SBI Blue-chip Fund may just be the perfect fit for your financial portfolio. With a decade of consistent growth and impressive returns, this investment fund has had quite an impressive run.

But what are the secrets to its success? What factors have helped drive its performance over the past 10 years? In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into the fundamentals and performance of the SBI Bluechip Fund Direct-Growth to uncover the answers. We'll look at the strategy behind its success and consider how investors can benefit from its long-term performance. So if you're looking to make an informed decision about investing in mutual funds, buckle up, as we're about to hit the financial fast lane.

Overview and History of SBI Blue-chip Fund

Are you looking for a reliable, long-term investment option that can provide you with a consistent return? If so, then the SBI Bluechip Fund might be the right choice for you. The fund has a strong track record of providing consistent returns over the past decade and is one of the most popular equity funds in India.

The SBI Bluechip Fund was launched in Feb 2006 with the aim to help investors diversify their portfolios and generate long-term capital appreciation from a well-diversified portfolio of large-cap stocks. The fund primarily invests in companies with strong fundamentals, established track records, and high market capitalization. Since its inception, the fund has outperformed both its benchmark index as well as its peers. With this solid performance record, the SBI Bluechip Fund is an attractive investment option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and generate consistent returns over the long term.

Factors in Determining the Performance of SBI Bluechip Fund

When it comes to investing in SBI Bluechip Fund, there are several factors to consider before making a decision. The first and most important factor is the performance of the fund itself. How has it been done in the past decade?

To evaluate the performance of SBI Bluechip Fund, you have to look at a couple of key indicators: fund size, asset allocation, risk profile, and returns. The fund size shows how much money is invested in it, this can be tracked over time to see if the fund has grown or shrunk over time. Asset allocation shows what proportion of the fund is allocated to different asset categories such as stocks, bonds, and cash. The risk profile indicates how much risk is associated with investing in this particular fund. Finally, returns give an indication of how well the fund has performed historically.

By evaluating these four indicators together, you can get a good sense of whether SBI Bluechip Fund has been a good long-term investment or not.

Evaluating the Past Decade Performance of SBI Bluechip Fund

It's essential to evaluate the performance of a mutual fund over an extended period of time, and that's why we're looking at the past ten years of SBI Bluechip Fund.

Performance metrics

When evaluating the performance of a mutual fund, we use two key metrics -  Sharpe ratio and Beta. The Sharpe ratio is a tool for assessing risk-adjusted performance and measures the portfolio's return against its volatility. The Beta measures the sensitivity of returns relative to that of the broader market.

In terms of the Sharpe ratio, SBI Bluechip Fund has outperformed its benchmark index Nifty since 2016. Additionally, this fund has consistently had a lower beta than its benchmark index over the past decade. This indicates that SBI Bluechip Fund has lower volatility and risk than Nifty.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When it comes to returning on investment (ROI), SBI Bluechip Fund has also been one of the best performers in the market. This is far higher than other similar funds in India and is a testament to the quality of SBI Bluechip Fund's management team and their expertise in managing investments.

Clearly, over the past decade, SBI Bluechip Fund has been one of the best-performing funds in India with consistently high returns and relatively lower volatility


All in all, SBI Bluechip Fund has demonstrated excellent performance in the past decade, with its Direct-Growth option offering outstanding returns for investors. With the fund's technology-based approach to investing, investors can benefit from the growth potential of select blue-chip stocks, which has paid off handsomely in recent years.

Though there are no guarantees for the performance of any fund in the future, SBI Bluechip Fund's track record of success and its long-term commitment to technology-driven investments makes it an attractive choice for investors looking for a mutual fund with excellent returns. With the right amount of research and understanding of the fund's goals and strategy, SBI Bluechip Fund can be a worthwhile investment for those seeking to diversify and build a solid portfolio.