Every daughter's right to get marriage expenses from father

Every daughter's right to get marriage expenses from father: Kerala HC dismissing the petition for attachment of property, said – it has nothing to do with religion

Apr 18, 2023 - 20:53
Every daughter's right to get marriage expenses from father

The Kerala High Court has said that every unmarried daughter has a right to get marriage expenses from her father, irrespective of religion. Justice Anil K. Narendran and PG Ajith Kumar said this during the hearing on the petition challenging the order of the Family Court.
The issue before the bench was whether a Christian daughter can get a share of her father's immovable property or profit from it to meet the expenses of her marriage. However, the petition was later dismissed.
The court said, "It cannot be claimed on the basis of one's religion that she will not get anything, the right of a virgin daughter to get marriage expenses from her father is legal.
The petitioners in the case reached the Kerala High Court are two daughters, who live separately from their father due to the ongoing case between the parents. According to the daughters, their father had bought the property with his wife's jewellery and money received from his in-laws. The daughters also told the High Court that their father did not help them in any way with the expenses of their studies.
Although the father says that he has borne the entire cost of the daughters' education. Despite this, his wife keeps enmity with him.
The daughters had filed a petition in the Family Court seeking recovery of Rs 45.92 lakh for their marriage expenses as well as making a decree for the money on their father's property, which was dismissed. The family court had said that Rs 7.5 lakh would be sufficient for them.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer