Emergency landing of SpiceJet's Delhi-Srinagar flight

Emergency landing of SpiceJet's Delhi-Srinagar flight: Received false warning of burning cargo fire light, returned midway with 140 passengers

Apr 18, 2023 - 16:08
Emergency landing of SpiceJet's Delhi-Srinagar flight

SpiceJet's Delhi-Srinagar flight had to make an emergency landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport on Tuesday. In fact, the pilot had received a false warning of the AFT cargo fire light being on in the cockpit of the aircraft. After this, the aircraft landed midway back at Delhi Airport. There were 140 people on board the plane. All passengers are safe.
According to the spokesperson of the airline company, SpiceJet B737 operating Delhi-Srinagar flight SG-8373 took off from Delhi to Srinagar at 9:45 am. The AFT cargo fire light in the cockpit lit up even before reaching Srinagar, after which it was decided to bring it to Delhi immediately. However, when the pilot checked it, the light itself got extinguished.
All operational parameters were found to be normal before landing and all passengers were safely de-boarded from the flight. The company said that after this when the AFT cargo was opened, nothing like fire or smoke was found there. The initial investigation found the warning to be false.
According to sources, when the pilot informed the control room about this, a full emergency was declared at Delhi airport at 10:40 am. The flight later made a safe landing and the aircraft has been parked.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer