Congressmen marched without permission: Priyanka said - will not talk about politics today

Congressmen marched without permission: Priyanka said - will not talk about politics today; Rahul pays tribute to Gandhi at his martyrdom site

Aug 15, 2022 - 14:07
Congressmen marched without permission: Priyanka said - will not talk about politics today

On the 75th anniversary of independence, the Congress party started a march against inflation-corruption. Party leaders along with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi came out from the Congress headquarters shouting slogans. The march reached the Congress headquarters on 30 January Marg, where Mahatma Gandhi was martyred. There all Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to Bapu. The march ended after the tribute.
The Congress party had sought the permission of the police to take out this march, but the police did not allow them to take out the march. Congressmen took out the march without permission.
In the padyatra, Priyanka Gandhi is walking with a tricolour in her hand. G23 leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anand Sharma are also present in the padyatra. After a long time, Ghulam Nabi has been seen with Rahul in some movement. Priyanka said- refused to comment on PM Modi's speech on familyism. He said- Today is the anniversary of independence. Today we will not talk about politics. Today it will be only about the country.
After paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi at his martyrdom site, all the Congressmen gathered there took a pledge to work for the integrity and development of the country. Along with this, an oath was administered to follow the policies of Congress and not to allow the country to be divided on the basis of hatred, and caste-religion language.
Former minister Ambika Soni hoisted the flag in the Independence Day program at the Congress headquarters. Rahul Gandhi was also present in the program and he stood among the workers. The flag hoisting was preceded by Vande Mataram followed by the flag song and the national anthem.
Earlier, Sonia Gandhi issued a letter to the countrymen. , while congratulating Independence Day, the central government was surrounded. Sonia wrote – Congress will strongly oppose every attempt to put great national leaders like Gandhi-Nehru-Patel-Azad Ji in the dock on the basis of falsehood. The central government is bent on trivializing the glorious achievements of the country.
Modi had told the Red Fort – familyism has to end. After hoisting the flag at the Red Fort on Independence Day, Modi said, 'Today we are facing two big challenges. Corruption and 'Parivarvaad' or nepotism. We have to raise awareness against 'Familyism' to realize the power of our institutions, to take the country forward on the basis of merit. Corruption is hollowing the country like termites, we have to fight it. He said that those who looted the country will have to be returned. The property of bank robbers is being confiscated. read full news

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer