Bule of 'X' is getting new feature, users will be able to remove blue mark from profile

Elon Musk has changed the name of his platform Twitter and changed it to X. Now the company is renaming its different features. Recently Musk has informed that the name of TweetDeck has been changed to XPro. Now the company is providing another feature for blue users in which they can hide their blue tick.

Aug 2, 2023 - 18:16
Bule of 'X' is getting new feature, users will be able to remove blue mark from profile

Twitter Blue, which Elon Musk is currently rebranding as X Blue, now includes an option to hide the infamous blue checkmark. Twitter Blue customers recently started seeing a 'Hide Blue Checkmark' option on the web and mobile apps, which gives them the ability to hide that they are paying for Twitter.
The Twitter support article states that the checkmark will be hidden on your profile and posts. The checkmark may still appear in some places and some features may still indicate that you have an active subscription. Some features may not be available when your checkmark is hidden.
Twitter previously used a blue checkmark verification system to verify account identity or credibility, but when Elon Musk began allowing anyone to verify through BlueSubscriptions, it briefly caused chaos with fake accounts. I came
Then everyone soon realized who was paying to be verified on Twitter before Twitter removed the blue checkmarks from the old verified accounts and changed the way the verified checkmarks were shown multiple times. Blue checkmarks are also given to users with one million or more followers.
If you subscribe to Twitter Blue, the service will now add an optional blue checkmark to your profile with a Verified Since date attached. Legacy-verified accounts include the date an account was originally verified on Twitter prior to the Blue Subscription system.
Twitter owner Elon Musk is currently rebranding the service to X in a bid to make it an Everything app, which is likely to include some form of payment system in the future. The little blue bird was removed last week, replaced by the X logo, which appeared briefly as an X symbol atop Twitter's San Francisco office building.

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