17,500 people of Russia-Ukraine built peace village in Bali, Indonesia, live together

Picture of humanity between the war in two countries: 17,500 people of Russia-Ukraine built peace village in Bali, Indonesia, and live together

Feb 5, 2023 - 14:02
17,500 people of Russia-Ukraine built peace village in Bali, Indonesia, live together

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete one year. Ukraine was devastated by this war and the world came under the grip of inflation. A large number of people in Ukraine had to leave the country and about 2 lakh Russian soldiers lost their lives. Meanwhile, 14,500 Russian and 3,000 Ukrainian citizens have set up a peaceful village in Bali, Indonesia, about 10,000 kilometres away from the borders of Russia and Ukraine.
After the war started, these people left their respective countries and started settling in Bali. Here these people live together. Usually do not talk about war with each other. Companies are running from here. Working in multinational companies. Ukrainians are waiting for the end of the war, but most Russians do not want to return to their country. He liked this island.
Where he established his settlement on the island of Bali, name Park Ubud. It has the latest facilities just like in Russia. The restaurant has a Russian chef, who prepares Russian and Ukrainian dishes. There is a library with wi-fi, playground, swimming pool, bar-club as well as banya. Banyas are small steam rooms that are an important part of people's lives in Russia and Ukraine.
Working spaces have also been created here, where people do work from home work. Polina Shikina, 21, a designer at a cryptocurrency startup, says - I can't make eye contact with Ukrainian people. Paulo Tarasyuk, who is running an online travel company, says – They do not talk about Russian President Putin here either.
The park's co-founder William Vabe says - We made it keeping in mind the Australian and Chinese tourists. We had no idea that it would become home to Russians and Ukrainians. Now arrangements have to be made for the stay of 300 more people. Park Ubud's real estate sales manager Kristina Kuchinskaya says - I do not know who is Russian and who is Ukrainian. In fact, their language, their food and even their customs are almost the same.
Indonesia has developed Bali as a digital nomad destination. Now giving a tax-free second home visa. It can be for 5 or even 10 years. Indonesia's Tourism Minister Sandiago Uno says- Tourist visas will also be increased for people coming from war-torn countries.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer