Wife killed husband in Jaipur!: Pihar left after locking the house, body found in the room upon opening the house

Wife killed husband in Jaipur!: Pihar left after locking the house, the body was found in the room upon opening the house

May 5, 2023 - 14:24
Wife killed husband in Jaipur!: Pihar left after locking the house, body found in the room upon opening the house

In Jaipur, a woman murdered her husband along with her lover. Leaving the dead body in the house, locked it outside and went to her home. On suspicion, the dead body of the husband was found lying in the room when the house was opened by breaking the lock. At Amer police station, the mother of the deceased has given a complaint against the daughter-in-law and her lovers. On the orders of the court, the police registered a case of murder and started an investigation.
Police said that a 60-year-old woman resident of Bhattabasti has lodged the report. In the complaint, his own daughter-in-law and her two lovers have been accused of killing their son Wasim (36). Told in the complaint that his son Wasim was married in October 2007. Son-daughter-in-law used to live with them. Shortly after the marriage, the daughter-in-law had an affair with Shoaib. Quarrels started between the two regarding the relationship. Even after a lot of persuasion, they did not agree, on the contrary, they started threatening to harm their lives and property.
Wasim decides to stay away in order to maintain the relationship. After buying a plot in Thater Colony in the Amer area, he started living there with his wife in June 2021. It is alleged that in the absence of Wasim, the daughter-in-law started calling the lover home. During this, the daughter-in-law had a love affair with Ibrahim as well. On coming to know about the coming and going of both the lovers at home, Wasim protested and threatened him in reverse. In September-2022, Wasim came home and told his mother about his daughter-in-law's act. After that, he started living with his mother.
The mother of the deceased told in the report that Wasim had gone from his work on 15 October. He called and told that he will come to Amer's house. There was no conversation with Wasim the next day. On October 17, when Wasim did not pick up the calls, the family started getting worried. On going home on October 18, the house was found locked. On calling the daughter-in-law, she was told to be pehr.
The next day called the daughter-in-law to the house in Amer. It is alleged that when the daughter-in-law was asked to open the lock, she refused to have the key. When the house was opened after breaking the lock, Wasim's dead body was found lying in the room. There were injury marks on his body and there was blood on the ground nearby.
When asked about the murder of the family's son, he said that he had gone mad, due to which he committed suicide. Did not respond when asked about the lock of the house being closed from outside on suicide. It is alleged that the relatives present in the police department of the accused daughter-in-law did not allow the post-mortem to take place by pressurizing the police. Got signed on blank papers in the name of FIR.
On asking for the post-mortem report, it was said that it will come in three-four months, your case has been registered. The body of the son was given and sent. The murder was shown to be a suicide by tampering with the evidence of Wasim's murder. Taking refuge in the court, the mother of the deceased got a murder case registered against the daughter-in-law and her two lovers.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer