Shooting in French capital Paris, 2 killed

Shooting in the French capital Paris, 2 killed: Police arrested 69-year-old attacker, 4 injured

Dec 23, 2022 - 20:30
Shooting in French capital Paris, 2 killed

The shooting has taken place in Paris, the capital of France. According to the report of France 24, 2 people have died, while 4 are seriously injured. The 69-year-old accused has been arrested. Local media has given this information quoting police officers.
An officer said – Firing took place in Saint-Denis Market in Central Paris. 4 people have been injured in the incident. the matter is being investigated. For the time being, this market is closed. The motive behind the attack was not known.
In a statement released on social media by Ris police, it was said – this kind of incident before Christmas has troubled us. We promise to provide security to every citizen. For the time being, the general public should stay away from the place of the incident, as it may affect the investigation. A person has been fired here. We got him under control immediately.
A local businessman said- A person suddenly started firing indiscriminately. I heard 8 gunshots. This type of incident in the country's capital and in a big market is disturbing. At the moment, it is not clear whether it is a terrorist attack or some madman has carried out the incident.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer