Life in -40 degree temperature in Yakutsk, Russia, people drink water by heating ice

Life in -40 degree temperature: In Yakutsk, Russia, people drink water by heating ice, and the sun does not rise for many days

Dec 30, 2022 - 11:44
Life in -40 degree temperature in Yakutsk, Russia, people drink water by heating ice

Yakutsk is the coldest human region in the world. Temperature -40 degree Celsius. The population of around 3.60 lakhs. It is the capital of the state of Yakutia in Siberia, Russia. Difficulty increases in winter for 7 months from October to April, but there is no decrease in the colour and enthusiasm of life. In Oomikon, 1000 km away from here, the temperature goes up to -60 degrees. On the other hand, in July, the mercury in Yakutsk comes down to 24 degrees.
December to February is the height of winter in Yakutia, but the markets don't close.
December to February is the height of winter in Yakutia, but the markets don't close.
Yakutia would probably be the only populated area in the world with such ups and downs in temperature. Here the sun does not rise for many days, but generally, the sunrise occurs at 10.30 in the morning. By three o'clock in the afternoon, it sinks. In winter, people wear special insulated clothes, shoes made of deer skin, long fur coats and scarves.
Winter is at its peak from December to February, but the markets do not close. People will be seen buying gifts for their near and dear ones for the new year. A lot of plans are also made to meet friends and relatives. These days the ice is so hard that it is difficult to cut even with a drill machine. As soon as winter starts going below minus 40 degrees, there are holidays in schools. Schools are closed right now, but sometimes this period stretches for several months. There is an online education, but people now want to teach children outside.
For drinking water, pieces of ice are brought from the frozen river. They get water by heating it. In winter, everything from food and drink here becomes hard like cold stone, not ice. Even after being outside for only 10 minutes, there is a lot of fatigue. The face and fingers may go numb within 20 minutes. That's why people don't stay outside for more than half an hour under any circumstances.
After retiring from the work business of the day, there is a lot of fun in the pubs and nightclubs here in the evening. Despite snow everywhere, the condition of public transport is better. But waiting for that becomes difficult, so most people travel by taxi. Those who have their own vehicles cover them with blankets and keep them in heated parking lots. But it is considered better than the vehicle should be started in extreme cold. Not only the house but even the garage is also insulated and kept warm.
Apart from gasoline, batteries are also used for heating homes. Living becomes expensive in winter. Gasoline prices have tripled. Food and drink are also expensive, as things have to be kept hot all the time. There are many mines of gold, uranium and diamonds in this area. There is good income from mines. Because of this people do not leave the city. The population here is increasing continuously.
These winters in Siberia are more dangerous for the elderly, as snow freezes on the roads. Due to the slippery, there is a fear of falling elderly and there are many cases of broken bones. Right now preparations are going on for the New Year celebration after Christmas. It is the biggest festival in Russia. People are buying gifts for each other. Making plans for the celebration. Snowy winter does not affect this celebration. Christmas and New Year are celebrated here every year in such winters.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer