Handing over mobile to pacify children is harmful, concentration decreases at an early age

Screen time is increasing in children: Handing over mobile to pacify children is harmful, and concentration decreases at an early age

Feb 2, 2023 - 11:28
Handing over mobile to pacify children is harmful, concentration decreases at an early age

Many times when children cry, the parents pacify them by giving them a mobile or tablet. Due to this, the children become calm at that time, but in the future, its serious consequences come to the fore. In fact, after the completion of 9 years of age, when such children make contact with other children, they have difficulty mixing due to device addiction.
Their concentration decreases and their ability to work gets affected. Recently, research was done at Harvard University Center of Developing Children to know the effect of screens on children. It was revealed that till the age of 9, the academic performance of children who spend more time with mobile or tablet decreases. Mental health also deteriorates.
It was told in the research that handing over mobiles to such children in their childhood is like snatching their childhood from them. More than this it is more important to let them interact with the elders. Apart from this, they also need to get social activity or physical activities done, so that physical and mental development can happen.
Such children are emotionally very weak. Its effect is more in boys. According to another research, increased screen time increases irritability in children and they sometimes start behaving aggressively in challenging environments. Due to this, the physical activity of the children is reduced.
If you are folding clothes, give the kids some clothes to fold with you. So that they keep their mind engaged in that work. Schedule screen time. Give them as many opportunities as possible to ask questions. Answer their questions as far as possible.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer