China said- US cannot move forward by crushing us

China said- US cannot move forward by crushing us: America is preparing to create a new NATO in Asia with India

Mar 7, 2023 - 17:55
China said- US cannot move forward by crushing us

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin gang warned the US during a press conference on Tuesday. Qin said- America should change its poor attitude towards China, otherwise the dispute between the two countries may increase. America can never move forward by crushing China. This will not prevent China's development.
Addressing his first press conference as Foreign Minister after the Parliament meeting, Qin said- US-Indo Pacific Strategy tells the US security and development policy, while in reality, he is trying to create a second NATO in Asia. This will definitely fail.
Qin said- America considers us its biggest enemy and the biggest challenge in world politics. His thinking is absolutely wrong. The US says that it has to improve relations without war with China. But in reality, it means that even if we do not answer them even if there is an insult or attack. This is not possible. If America does not stop this behaviour, then no statement will stop the situation from becoming uncontrollable.
Qin said that when America itself supplies arms to Taiwan, it has no right to question China about sending weapons to Russia. During this, Qin reiterated China's stand to end the war. He said- In view of the increasing controversy in the world, China will have to further strengthen its relationship with Russia. The conversation between President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin is a positive step towards this.
In the press conference that lasted for about 2 hours, which gang, referring to the Wolf Warrior Diplomacy, said- When the jackals and wolves are stopping the way and the hungry wolves are attacking you, then the Chinese diplomats will have to protect their country under all circumstances. At the same time, linking the US-China relations with the Olympics, he said that if one rival would focus on the top of the other, then it did not have a fair competition.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer