Brian Lara gave a befitting reply to the Pakistani player who called Virat Kohli selfish

Brian Lara gave a befitting reply to those who called Virat Kohli selfish, saying - he is jealous of those who say so. Pakistani player Mohammad Hafeez had called Kohli selfish.

Dec 7, 2023 - 14:54
Brian Lara gave a befitting reply to the Pakistani player who called Virat Kohli selfish

Virat Kohli scored a half-century in the ODI World Cup 2023, breaking the record of 49 centuries of great player Sachin Tendulkar. Now Virat Kohli has scored a total of 80 centuries in international cricket. Cricket fans believe that Kohli will also break Sachin Tendulkar's world record of 100 international centuries. Regarding this, the great West Indies cricketer Brian Lara called this idea irrational. When he was asked if Kohli scored three centuries in the World Cup. Many people including Pakistani player Mohammad Hafeez say that Virat Kohli is selfish, and plays slow to score a century? On this Lara said that she is jealous of the people who say this. I have also faced this thing.

When Brian Lara was asked in an interview about Virat Kohli's 100 Centuries, he said that Kohli's age is still 35. He still needs 20 more centuries. Even if he scores 5 centuries every year, it will take four years to match Tendulkar and by then Kohli will be 39 years old. Therefore this work is not difficult, it is very difficult.

Lara said that this is not logical from a cricket point of view. He said that not only me but no one can say with certainty. Those who say that Kohli will break Sachin's record of 100 centuries do not pay attention to logic. 20 centuries is a long way away. Most cricketers are not able to do this in their careers. I will not say that Virat will do this. Age doesn't stop for anyone. They will break many records, but scoring 100 centuries is the most difficult.

Virat Kohli has become the first cricketer to score more than 700 runs in a World Cup edition by scoring 765 runs in 11 matches of the World Cup 2023 at an average of 95.62. He also scored three centuries in this tournament, but many people even called him selfish for playing slowly during the century.

Was Kohli doing this? On this Lara said that those who are saying this are jealous of Kohli. Kohli has scored so many runs, hence we are jealous of him. I have also faced this thing. Let us tell you that Pakistan's Mohammad Hafeez had accused Kohli of playing slow and called him selfish.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer