Apple will bring foldable MacBook, may be launched in 2026 with M5 chip

The company has maintained a good hold in the flagship segment. However, the company is also focused on the foldable market. Therefore, the tech manufacturer is reportedly working on foldable iPhones as well as foldable Macs. According to a tipster, Apple is working on an LG display which includes two sizes 20.25 inches and 18.8 inches.

May 24, 2024 - 22:25
Apple will bring foldable MacBook, may be launched in 2026 with M5 chip

Apple is attempting to take the foldable market by storm. It's said that the company is talking about foldable iPhones a lot right now. However, it now seems that Apple is also working on a foldable MacBook.

The M5 chip might be used in the release of the foldable MacBook. A report on Apple's MacBook has revealed a lot of information.

In the flagship segment, the business has held a strong lead. Nonetheless, the business is also concentrated on the foldable market. Thus, it is said that the tech company is developing foldable Macs and iPhones. An insider has revealed that Apple is developing an LG display with two sizes: 20.25 inches and 18.8 inches. But after folding, its dimensions will change.

According to the report, Apple is focusing on making such a screen, which will be completely crease-free. Necessary equipment will be required for this. Due to this, we can also expect the prices of the device to increase. If the company does this then the display experience of the users will be much better than before.

Apple's next-generation M5 chip will be provided for performance in Apple's foldable MacBook. Which can be presented in the coming days. The foldable MacBook is expected to be launched in the year 2026. Apart from this, many features will be included as upgrades in the upcoming MacBook.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer