Shock to US pro-Pakistan MP: Ilhan Omar out of Foreign Affairs Committee

Shock to US's pro-Pakistan MP: Ilhan Omar out of the Foreign Affairs Committee, spewed venom several times against India-Israel

Feb 3, 2023 - 21:18
Shock to US pro-Pakistan MP: Ilhan Omar out of Foreign Affairs Committee

American MP Ilhan Omar, a staunch supporter of Pakistan, has suffered a major setback. On Thursday, he was removed from the very important Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (like our Lok Sabha). It is also difficult for President Joe Biden because Omar is the MP of his own Democratic Party.
The decision was taken following Ilhan's controversial remarks on Israel. In fact, Donald Trump's Republican Party has a majority in the US lower house. In such a situation, the eviction of the Democratic Party's Omar from the committee is considered the victory of the opposition.
This is not the first time that Umar has come into the limelight for his statement. Earlier, she also made headlines due to her anti-India comments and visiting Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK).
Umar has spewed venom against Israel and the Jews many times. Omar was strongly opposed in the US Parliament on this issue on Thursday. To remove him from the committee, a motion was moved by Republican Party MP Max Miller in the lower house. Voting took place after the debate on it. 211 votes were cast in support of Omar, while 218 were against him.
In fact, in the proposal, 6 statements of Omar were told against the foreign policy of America. Miller said that because of her bias, Omar could not make fair decisions while on the committee.
The White House has reacted to Omar being thrown out of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Press Secretary Karin Jean Pierre said – We think it is a political conspiracy. In recent weeks, Republicans in the lower house unfairly removed other prominent Democratic lawmakers from several key committees. This is an insult to the American people.
After being dropped from the committee, Omar wrote in a tweet – My criticism of our foreign policy, Israel's policy towards the Palestinians or the policies of any country will not change. I will always advocate for those people who are suffering because of the work of the government. I too have experienced the horrors of war and persecution like these people.
In June 2021, Omar compared America and Israel to the Taliban and Hamas. Jewish groups were furious about this. Earlier in 2019, Umar had said – The supporters of Israel in American politics do not have any principle, rather they support it because of money. His reference was toward the leaders of the Republican Party.
At the same time, in April 2022, Omar visited Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). During this, Umar met Pakistan's PM Shahbaz Sharif and former PM Imran Khan. Omar had described the government led by PM Narendra Modi as an anti-Muslim minority.
Ilhan Omar, 40, is a Somalian-American politician who came to the US Lower House in 2019 after winning the election from Minnesota. She is one of the first two Muslim women MPs to reach the US Parliament i.e. Congress. She is also the first Somalian-American to reach the US Congress. She is also a citizen of Africa by origin. His family emigrated to the United States in 1991 due to the Somalian civil war.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer