Putin shared the pain of the mothers of Russian soldiers

Putin shared the pain of the mothers of Russian soldiers: met at his home, and said – there is no greater sorrow for a mother than losing a son

Nov 26, 2022 - 14:09
Putin shared the pain of the mothers of Russian soldiers

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the mothers of soldiers fighting the war against Ukraine. Shared the sorrow of all those women. Nothing is greater than the pain of losing a son, Putin said in a meeting at his home in Moscow. This is especially difficult for a mother. We understand your pain and are indebted to all the mothers out there. In fact, Putin held this meeting when many women have made such allegations that their sons are being pushed into the war without proper weapons and training.
He can be seen sitting with 17 women in the meeting with the mothers of the Russian soldiers. Some of these women have tied black scarves on their heads. Which is considered a symbol of the sorrow of someone's loss. In these, Putin said to a woman, your son has achieved his goal, he did not die just like that. He assured all the women that from time to time he himself keeps talking directly to the soldiers.
According to US General Mark Milley, Russia has lost more than 1 lakh soldiers in the war so far. Putin has also raised questions about the reporting happening in the midst of the ongoing war against Ukraine. She has appealed to all women to avoid fake news and false news coming on TV and the internet. According to the BBC report, the women whom Putin has met are all associated with the Pro-Putin Movement, that is, Putin's supporters. One of these women is also from the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine. Which is now occupied by Russia.
On the one hand, Putin told all the women that he considers their sons as the heroes of the country, while Russia is also being accused of forcibly recruiting some people into the army and using them as 'canon fodder'.
According to Merriam-Webster, canon fodder refers to soldiers who are the weakest and are only used as fodder. In any war, it is as important to kill the army of the enemy country as it is to save one's own soldiers, but canon fodder is those whom no one cares about.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer