Karnataka High Court reprimanded the state government

Karnataka High Court reprimanded the state government: Said- Government school children are not even getting two pairs of uniforms, shame on them

Feb 2, 2023 - 09:24
Karnataka High Court reprimanded the state government

The Karnataka High Court has rapped the state government for not being able to provide uniforms to children in government schools. The High Court said that the government should be ashamed of this. In fact, in the Karnataka High Court, a bench of Justices B Veerappa and KS Hemlekha had given an order in this regard in 2019. The government did not comply with this order, due to which a petitioner filed a petition in court.
The petition states that under the Right to Education Act, of 2009, students should be given two sets of uniforms. But in many government schools in Karnataka, students have not been able to get two pairs of uniforms, shoes and socks.
Justice Veerappa said, “Such a lapse is a matter of shame for the government. Playing with children is like playing with the court. Crores of rupees are being spent on unnecessary things. While education is a fundamental right, yet such a plight. We will not tolerate these things. Is this not a shame for the state government? This is quite unfortunate.
The state government had filed an affidavit saying that the amount was sent to the principals and headmasters of the schools for the purchase of uniforms, socks and shoes. On this, the court said that only God knows whether this amount has reached the beneficiaries or not.
The bench emphasized that the time has come for the State to open its eyes and immediately implement its fundamental duty of providing school uniforms to government school students in the age group of 6 to 14 years.
The court also expressed displeasure over the apparent step-motherly treatment meted out to government school students as compared to students who could afford to attend private schools. Justice Veerappa said that if the people sitting on the chairs do not have humanity, then it is a big problem. There should be humanity in them. Their children never go to government schools. We will not tolerate this kind of stepmotherly attitude towards children. The government asked the court for time to file a detailed affidavit, which the court granted and said that the state has been given more time so that the charges against the responsible officer can be framed.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer