Junaid Ahmad and Artiste First Collaborate on 'Dilbaro': A Heartfelt Song Celebrating Our Pillars of Strength

New Delhi (India), October 28: Life is pale without that pillar of strength. The one person you hold close to your heart. The one you call Dilbaro. Junaid Ahmad and Artiste First have beautifully captured the importance of such a companion with their latest song ‘Dilbaro’. An alluring ode to the support systems of our [...]

Oct 28, 2023 - 13:42
Junaid Ahmad and Artiste First Collaborate on 'Dilbaro': A Heartfelt Song Celebrating Our Pillars of Strength
Junaid Ahmad and Artiste First Collaborate on 'Dilbaro': A Heartfelt Song Celebrating Our Pillars of Strength

New Delhi. Life would be colorless without that unwavering source of support, the person who holds a special place in our hearts - our "Dilbaro." Junaid Ahmad and Artiste First beautifully encapsulate the significance of such companions in their latest song, 'Dilbaro.'

This enchanting composition pays homage to the pillars of strength in our lives, those "dilbaros" who have stood by us through thick and thin. The song's lyrics exude a timeless charm that blends seamlessly with modern melodies. Crafted and sung by Junaid Ahmad, with heartfelt lyrics by Sunayana Kachroo, 'Dilbaro' is a tune that radiates warmth and innocence, making it truly unique.

The official music video of 'Dilbaro' is a delightful gem in itself. Featuring Junaid Ahmad and actress Ansha Mohan, the video tells the story of a budding footballer who faces a leg injury. His life takes a positive turn when a friendly physiotherapist helps him recover and stands by his side throughout. This beautifully mirrors the importance of that one person, that confidant who wants to see you succeed, no matter the odds. It's what we call a "Dilbaro." Junaid and Ansha's on-screen chemistry shines, while the music adds an extra layer of magic to their pairing.

Speaking about his latest release, Junaid Ahmad said, "Love that is simple, supportive, and uncomplicated is the best kind of love. It's not just romantic love but any form of love. I wanted to express these emotions through a song, and that's how 'Dilbaro' came to be. It's a track that will resonate with people of all ages. I can't wait for everyone to fall in love with 'Dilbaro.'"

Rohit Sobti, Founder of Artiste First, shared his thoughts on the track, saying, "The beauty of 'Dilbaro' lies in its blend of sweet, old-school vibes and fresh, contemporary music. The song is minimal yet profound, subtle yet significant. Artiste First always believes in nurturing emerging talents, and Junaid is an exceptionally gifted musician with a voice that captivates instantly. With 'Dilbaro,' he has taken his talents to new heights."

Sunayna Kachroo, the lyricist and film writer, added, "In 'Dilbaro,' the lyrics serve as a mirror reflecting the purity of cherished bonds. They poetically embrace the genuine love and unwavering support that often remains unspoken but is deeply felt. This song is a heartfelt tribute to those who enrich our lives, and I hope it touches your heart as it has touched mine."

Whether it's Artiste First's talent for discovering musical gems or Junaid Ahmad's ability to create magic with his music, 'Dilbaro' has all the elements to become a chart-topper. The song is now available on all platforms, and the music video can be enjoyed on YouTube.

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