Demand for 4 times compensation of DLC

Demand for 4 times compensation of DLC: Most of the objections on the land being acquired for the Northern Ring Road, demand for developed land instead of land

Jun 10, 2023 - 09:02
Demand for 4 times compensation of DLC

A hearing has started on the objections raised on the issue of land being acquired for the Northern Corridor of the Jaipur Ring Road Project. There have been 236 objections for 388.35 hectares of land belonging to more than 28 villages, most of which demand compensation amounting to four times the DLC. At the same time, in some cases, the cultivators are also demanding 25 percent of developed land in exchange for the land.
In the hearing being conducted by the district administration, 90 objections were heard in the last three days, in which most of the farmers have demanded up to four times the cash compensation being given. While NHAI and administration are giving twice the maximum amount of DLC as compensation.
However, in some cases, the cultivators demanded to be given developed land instead of the land. But on the matter of developed land, the administration has said not to give the land. The reasoning behind this is that NHAI is acquiring as much land as the project is to be built on.
Let us tell you that the land is being acquired for the Northern Ring Road to be built in Jaipur. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is acquiring 388.35 hectares of land from more than 28 villages to build this road. According to the schedule, the hearing of the affected people of Nangal and Sumel villages of Rupa village of Jaipur tehsil was held on June 5, and Vijaypura village on June 7-8. Whereas today the hearing has been held for the affected people of Malpura Chod and Malpura Dungar.
The matter is being heard by the Jaipur district administration. Which is being done village-wise. The hearing of village Bagrana will be held on June 10. Similarly, the hearing of Chaump and Pokharwala villages of Amer tehsil will be held on June 15, Jaitpur Khinkhi, Nangal Nurkan, Kankrol on June 16, Achrol village on June 19, Ani, Dhingpur, and Labana villages on June 20. The hearing of villages Chavand, Saiwad, Balkishanpura, and Langdiawas of Jamwaramgarh tehsil will be held on June 26, and village Bhanpurkalan on June 28.
Tikampura, Saipura, Mathuradaspura, Langadiawas, Kushalpura, Chenpurawas Saiwad, Chawandakamand, Bhanpurkalan, Bal Kishanpura, Rampura, Vijaypura, Sumel, Rupa Ki Nangal, Malpura Dungar, Bagrana, Malpura Chaud, Sangawala, Nangal Turkan, Pokharawala, Labana, Kalighati, Kankrel , Jaitpur Khinchi, Dhingpur, Chaump, Dhand, Ani, Achrol.
The process of land acquisition has started and soon the process of giving compensation and taking possession of the land will be started after disposal of objections. According to sources, the possession of the land will start from August this year and the target is to take possession of the land for the entire project by October.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer