Couple found hanging out late at night in Bengaluru: Police asks for a fine of Rs 3,000

The couple found hanging out late at night in Bengaluru: Police ask for a fine of Rs 3,000; The couple narrated the incident on social media

Dec 12, 2022 - 11:55
Couple found hanging out late at night in Bengaluru: Police asks for a fine of Rs 3,000

A case of harassment of a couple by the police has come to light in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The cops told the couple they were breaking the law for walking on the road near their house after 11 pm and forced them to pay a fine. After the incident, the victim narrated her ordeal online and sought help from the Bengaluru City Police Commissioner.
Karthik Patri shared the whole story by tweeting 15. Told him that he wanted to share a sad incident that happened to his wife and him. On Thursday night at around 12:30, both were returning after cutting a friend's birthday cake. The two were a few meters away from their house when a patrol van stopped near them and two men in police uniforms asked them to show their ID cards. He was surprised as to why this happened.
The couple showed their Aadhaar card photographs to the police, after which they seized their phones and asked for personal details. Patri wrote – We politely answered the questions. During this, the policemen started noting the name and Aadhaar number on the challan book. When we asked why we were being challaned, a policeman told us that they are not allowed to roam on the road after 11 pm.
Patri wrote – We did not agree that there was any such rule. We decided not to escalate the situation as it was late at night and their phones had been confiscated. Patri claimed that the couple apologized for being unaware of such a rule, but the police refused to let them go and asked for a fine of Rs 3,000.
Patri wrote- We requested them to let us go, but they did not agree and started threatening us with arrest and many dire consequences. My wife's condition had worsened by crying. Then a policeman took me a little away and advised him to pay money to avoid further trouble. On this, I agreed to pay Rs.1,000.
The policeman agreed and immediately asked for online payment. After paying, we were warned and let go. Deputy Commissioner of Police Anoop A Shetty took note of the incident and assured Patri of strict action. Currently, a constable and a head constable attached to Sampigehalli police station have been suspended. The police appealed to the people to contact them if they have faced such incidents.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer