China's move in East Ladakh: Report claims- Indian soldiers unable to patrol at 26 points

China's move in East Ladakh: Report claims- Indian soldiers unable to patrol at 26 points; Defense Ministry said – this is not true

Jan 25, 2023 - 23:55
China's move in East Ladakh: Report claims- Indian soldiers unable to patrol at 26 points

A report has claimed that 26 out of 65 patrolling points in eastern Ladakh are where Indian soldiers are not present. This report was presented by Leh-Ladakh SP PD Nitya in a meeting recently. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and NSA Ajit Doval were also present at this meeting.
On the other hand, the Defense Ministry has rejected this report saying that China has not occupied any part of the country's land.
NDTV has given information about this report of PD Nitya. According to this, there are 65 patrolling points where Indian security forces used to do regular patrolling earlier. These extend from Karakoram Pass to Chumur. Out of these, there are 26 such points where now our army is not able to patrol. These are- 5 to 17, 24 to 32 and 37. This report was presented in the meeting of top police officers of the previous country.
According to the report- China will later press for the fact that the presence of the Indian Army at these points has not been there for a long time and Chinese soldiers are present there. In this way, these areas will become buffer zones and eventually we will lose control over them. In this way, China will go on occupying our land inch by inch. This is called Salami Slicing Tactics.
According to Nitya's report- China is taking advantage of the buffer zone or buffer area. (Buffer zone is that area, which is an empty area and where no one is occupied or controlled) He is installing hi-tech cameras on the high hills here and monitoring the movement of the Indian Army through them. He will also tell the buffer zone as his area and thus create more buffer zones.
The report further states that after the violent clash in Galvan in 2020, China adopted the same strategy. This also affects the morale of our soldiers.
The first information about this report was given by the English newspaper The Hindu. Talking to The Hindu, a defence source said – We have not lost any part of our land. There are definitely some areas where the soldiers of both countries are not patrolling. We have also installed many cameras in the areas from where there was an agreement to withdraw. The army is working with the civil administration in these areas.
This report has come to the fore at a time when India had alleged a month ago that China was trying to unilaterally change the region.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer