BJP Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore praised Pilot

BJP Deputy Leader of Opposition praised Pilot: Rathore said - Sachin Pilot did the work of putting us in the dock when we were in power

Sep 26, 2022 - 23:06
BJP Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore praised Pilot

Amidst the ongoing political drama in Rajasthan, BJP Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore has praised Sachin Pilot. He said – this is absolutely true. When we were in power, Sachin Pilot did the work of fighting on the road and putting us in the dock on the basis of public sentiments. It has become such a thing that a farmer has grown his crop. Worked hard all year. The crop flourished. When it was time to harvest the crop, someone else came and took it away secretly.
Rathore said – What is the situation today. I would appreciate him (pilot) for not making any false statements for the last one and a half years. Whether he was called useless, or shameless, he was called Jaichand. There is no such title left which has not been conferred on him from time to time. Even then, he kept his patience.
Rathore said that the politics of Rajasthan is passing through a transition period. The Congress government was born out of internal opposition. No one had imagined this protest would last so long. For the first time, the messengers sent by the high command of a political party have turned out to be dishonoured. To date, there have been changes in the rule of Congress many times. But after sending the observer from the high command, the meeting of the legislature party could not be held, such a scene was never seen. The way the CM has thrown the googly, I think it will backfire on him. Because his biggest asset was loyalty to Congress's high command. This time all the characters were the same, they had come after deciding. The assembly session was also adjourned a day earlier because of this. Observers would come, they too had come after deciding the same.
Senior BJP leader Rajendra Rathore said- Now the indiscipline of the Congress is being seen in Rajasthan by their princes who have gone on a trip to India. He did yes to make himself the national president. Today he is involved in the Congress break campaign. Whether India will join or not, under the leadership of Gehlot, the work of breaking the Congress is being done very well. If Pilot comes to BJP, will BJP welcome Sachin Pilot? On the question, Rathore said – It is a game of all possibilities. Who has the right to include any leader in BJP? If you ask him a question, he can say better. But the game of possibilities in politics cannot be ruled out. No one knows when what will happen and when it will happen.
Rathore said – The ball is still in the Speaker's court. In front of them are the resignations of Congress MLAs. Which was given by the members present. It is clearly written in the rules and procedures of the assembly that if the resignation is given by the member of the assembly himself in the performance, then the speaker of the assembly should accept it. The day the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly will accept those resignations according to his duty. Only after that BJP will proceed to take any decision. Before this, we have been watching this internal opposition and endless game of Congress from afar very well. This is unfortunate and pity is felt on the people of Rajasthan, who did not give governance to the Congress thinking that the head foot of the Congress would be like this.
BJP State President Satish Poonia said – The development that has happened is not new. Congress MLAs have been in the enclosure for 50 days earlier also. There is a fight inside them. The Congress party was completely exposed by the ambitions for the post of CM. This weakness weighed heavily on the people of Rajasthan. Yesterday's developments could also be political hypocrisy. Any circumstance can change in any way. I understand that the high command of the Congress party is weak. Which is neither concerned with the Congress party of Rajasthan nor the public. We are concerned that the people of Rajasthan have suffered. Farmers of Rajasthan are committing suicide. The unemployed are troubled. Crime and corruption are at their peak. As a legacy, Ashok Gehlot has left such a government, even if a god comes and wants to overturn it, I think the circumstances will not be able to change. It seems that this is the last attempt of Rajasthan for Congress. In the year 2023 and after that, Congress will leave Rajasthan forever. Incidents like this further prove it.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer