Africans rescue comrades from police post in Delhi

Africans rescue comrades from a police post in Delhi: More than 100 people of African origin surround post, clash with police

Jan 8, 2023 - 12:18
Africans rescue comrades from police post in Delhi

In Delhi, on Saturday, citizens of African origin rescued their three companions from police custody. Police in South Delhi had caught 3 African nationals from the Raju Park area. Their visas had expired. Despite this, he was living in India only.
According to an NDTV report, after the arrest of the comrades, more than 100 African nationals surrounded the police post. These people clashed with the police and took away their comrades from arrest. Out of these 3 citizens, the police have arrested one again. Police are preparing for legal action in this case.
When caught again, the crowd again reached the police station, although later the police caught Philip, one of the three accused, again. After this, the team of Neb Sarai police station and Narcotics Squad nabbed four other people from the area. 100 people of African origin again gathered at the police station, but the police somehow managed to bring the situation under control. They are now taking legal action in this regard.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer