Sanjeev Kapoor trolled on comparison of India-Dubai metro stations

Sanjeev Kapoor trolled on comparison of India-Dubai metro stations: Dubai stations were told better, also expressed disappointment on beauty

Mar 19, 2023 - 20:39
Sanjeev Kapoor trolled on comparison of India-Dubai metro stations

Sanjeev Kapoor, the Chief Executive Officer of Jet Airways, had to face the wrath of social media users. He described Dubai's metro stations as better than India's metro stations. Expressed disappointment over the beauty and architecture of India's stations.
Sanjeev Kapoor shared photos of metro stations in Dubai and Bengaluru and wrote on Twitter, 'Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Kolkata... Why are our overground/overhead metro stations such artless concrete eyesores? This means why are they not good-looking? Take a look at Dubai (right) and Bengaluru (left). This Dubai Metro station was probably built 10 years ago.
Many Twitter users got angry with Sanjeev Kapoor's tweet. He trolled Sanjeev fiercely. One user commented and wrote, 'Generally this is the response of those people, who do not appreciate their own country.' Several users have shared several photos of beautiful and well-designed metro stations across the country to prove Sanjeev Kapoor's point wrong.
This statement of Sanjeev Kapoor has come at a time when the Whitefield-KR Puram Metro Route (Purple Line) on the Bengaluru Metro is about to be inaugurated. On March 25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can inaugurate this 13-kilometre-long route.
Last month, the CEO shared his bad experience with Vodafone-Idea and said that he decided to switch to another service after 9 years. Because Vodafone has poor coverage in some parts of the country and has poor international roaming plans.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer