Rapist caught by South African police from Tanzania

Rapist caught by South African police from Tanzania: He had escaped from private prison by pretending to be dead, raped 3 women

Apr 9, 2023 - 16:32
Rapist caught by South African police from Tanzania

South African police have arrested a serial rapist from Tanzania. The surprising thing is that till a year back, the police were considering it dead. In South Africa, a young man named Thabo Bester, infamous as a Facebook rapist has been accused of raping three women.
Thabo escaped by setting fire to the prison in May last year. Considering it dead, the police decided to close the investigation. However, when the local media questioned the claims of his death, the police started the investigation again.
Thabo Bester was found guilty of raping and killing his model girlfriend in 2012. Earlier in 2011, he had raped and robbed two more women. According to a BBC report, Thabo is called a Facebook rapist.
The reason for this was that he used to approach women first on Facebook and then made them his victims. When Thabo escaped last year, he was lodged in a private prison called Manguang Correctional Centre. He was believed to have died in a prison fire.
According to reports, even after the news of death, Thabo Bester was seen by many people at places in South Africa. Bester's case was widely discussed in the country due to the brutal murder of his model girlfriend.
This was the reason that when he escaped from jail, many people recognized him outside and questioned his death. He lived in a rented room in Johannesburg before fleeing to Tanzania. People claimed to have seen him in a grocery store.
In March, when the police opened an investigation into a second murder, it was revealed that the victim was not Thabo Bester, but someone else. The post-mortem also revealed that the dead man was not Thabo Bester.
The person who died was not dead due to fire but due to a head injury. After this, the police investigation revealed that the staff of the private prison had thrown Thabo out on the pretext of fire. Three employees involved in the matter were sacked.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer